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Hello There, First Of all, Congrats that you are thinking and planning about investments, the stock market, and managing your personal finance. You are from the 3 percent of the Indian population who are part of the market or thinking to invest and grow their money.

This article is not a temporary article that is going to advise you about the teachings of the stock market, everyone knows the basics and why to invest and the importance of investment, but the main stumbling block are the knowledge of entry and exit points and the missing of that statical super formula that is going to make investments money on boost mode.

Before taking you all to some points that will not master you but at least equipped with the knowledge that is surely going to help you for the battle of and the world of investment let me give you some brief that why YASHTALA CAPITALS is going to be the best partner and helping hand for your investment journey.

Here are some Rewards Investments in Market gives you-


 Investing in the share market gives you an opportunity to earn potentially higher returns on your investment. Thus, venturing here gives you a chance to compound your money in the long run and accumulate wealth for various life goals.


Inflation is the general rise in the price levels in an economy with time. It eats into the value of your investments and the purchasing power of your money. A food item costing Rs. 100 today may cost Rs. 120 next year. The returns from bank FDs or PPF can hardly beat the effects of inflation. Hence, they cannot effectively combat the effect of inflation. The returns from the share market are relatively higher, should you remain invested for the long haul, and help you counter inflation.


Diversification is a core mantra of investing. In the share market, there are different types of assets like debt securities, common stock, preference shares, large-cap stocks, mid-cap stocks, and small-cap stocks among others where you can invest. You can invest in a range of securities to diversify your risk. So, in case returns from one goes down, the other can balance it out. However, it’s important not to over diversify as it will not all have any real value to your investment.


Investing in the share market is not complex. All you need is a disciplined approach to investing for the longer term and a little bit of research about the businesses you want to invest in. You can do it yourself or take the help of a broker. All you need is a trading and Demat account. Similarly, as share market investments do not have any lock-in period, you can buy and sell shares at any time whenever desired. The amount that you invest can be as low as Rs. 100.

So, keeping in mind the higher returns and an ability to beat inflation, share market investments can prove to be a smart decision.

How Mr. Gaurav, Founder ( Yashtalacapitals ) is swapping the investment methods and profit credibilities

So, it started with the hope and  breaking the boundaries for a middle-class guy to become a self made millionaire , in his entrepreneurial journey Mr. Gaurav has tested lots of business ideas with lots of ups and downs that result in his building of mindset for never give up and practical skills to make profits from gaps from every market,

 share market is not about withdrawing or investmening money its more about understanding of patterns that a company makes and understanding of deep market and its flow, Mr. Gaurav practiced this skills in his early years and after making money for himself  in his early years, he manifest about making this big and starting his own investment firm named after his parents

With the accurate vision of making profits for his clients and spreading awareness for financial literacy among youth of India he came long way now, like other businessmans Mr.gaurav not spend all his times in his cebin watching screen rather than he decided to make as much content as possible to aware the population who mostly need the financial education and knowledge of personal finance ,

With The Record of 90 Percent Success rate Yashtalacapitals is The only Company which Give You Written Profit Commitment on stamp paper, With it Great Deals and Packages, Yashtala capitals is the best company if you are starting your investment journey from Basics and want to make good money with proper consultancy.

Thank You

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