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Yatender Rao’s Values and Vision for the Nation



Yatender Rao is a politician, a businessman, and a social worker. His approach to life is characterised by altruism and well-being. He’s someone who has made a difference in many people’s lives in a variety of ways, and these are all his contributions and gifted qualities.

We can understand where he gets his work ethic and inspiration from coming from a family of social workers and educators.

Yatender has a great ambition to serve both society and the people after graduating from top universities with degrees in B.Tech, Law (LLB & LLM), and MBA. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in law and is the founder of the Amity alumni group. He has a variety of educational and social work credentials that have helped him in diverse ways.

He was involved in politics from an early age, serving as State Vice President, State Executive Committee Member, and Study Circle Head for the BJP Youth Wing in Haryana.

He is currently the mainstream BJP’s District Vice President and has been a senior member of the party for more than a decade.

He has founded the Jaihind Jansewa foundation to actualize the values of the betterment of society and youth that he preaches. The NGO was instrumental in giving vaccine camps and medicines to the masses during the pandemic’s worst years.

Furthermore, Yatender’s parents have worked in tandem with his social work. Shri RK Yadav, his father, is a retired government officer who now works as an advocate for the masses and social workers. Dr. (Smt.) Krishna Yadav, Yatender’s mother, worked as a professor in the Haryana government’s Higher Education Department and continues to work for women’s emancipation.

But, as someone who advocates for the welfare of society and the youth taking a position for it, what does Yatendar Rao hope to achieve? His principles and ideas are shaped through a combination of words and, most importantly, action. He has made it plain to his audience and people that his value system and ideas will not just stay in his mind, but will come to fulfilment, thanks to his key and essential role in politics and social work.

As someone who is well-liked and respected in society. He is the man for it, as a citizen of a country that requires a lot of structural effort and initiative. Yatender Rao’s ideals are aligned with those who believe in making a difference and bringing change to society and country. Firmly believing in being a politician for beyond the government and legislation, and for his people and nation is Yatender’s motto.

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