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What’s the best way to stay productive when you’re not in the mood to do ANYTHING?

It’s hard when you know you need to get something done, but you just can’t be stuffed. 

It happens to the best of us… you can’t ALWAYS be in a state of peak performance…

Avikaa says that this is because everything in life goes through cycles. Take elite athletes, for example.

They perform at the very highest levels the human body can tolerate…

And to maintain such high levels of performance, all professional sports enforce an “off-season” to recuperate.

So even elite athletes can’t perform at their best all year round, and neither can you.

So, how do you stay productive when you just can’t be stuffed?

Are you unclear about the direction of your life? 

If you said YES, you are not alone … most people are & this is exactly what the platform YBF was created for..

Most people need more clarity on the path they should be taking but find themselves lost in terms of vision, mission, purpose, and values.

The trick is to be able to VISUALIZE the life that you desire.

Once you see it, you can understand it… you’ll know what you want and have a clearer picture of the life you want to live. 

If you’re not sure where you’re going in life, this one year course”FLAWS TO FANTASTIQUE” should help clarify things for you…

Join us in the one year online course  DIRECTED BY THE BEST COACHES & MENTORS “……….” to achieve success at its peak, not only in your personal, but also your professional life.

YBF will help you eliminate insecure relationships, negative patterns & break the cycle of hurt.

YBF will help you regain your inner power, connect to their purpose, and find meaning in everything you do.

We will help you gain clarity and show you your true self worth.
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