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Young Author Vinay Patil’s latest Novel ‘The Middleclass Jugaad’ is about entrepreneurship motivation and small-town romance.



Vinay Patil, 24, from Dharwad, a developing Tier-II city in Karnataka, India, is all set to inspire the country’s young generation with his inspiring stories.

Vinay, an avid movie enthusiast, is hoping for a day when his story is adapted for a movie. He loves to watch social issue dramas and critically acclaimed movies which inspires him to write. Besides writing, he is a teacher. He teaches Commerce. He says it is the second thing that gives him joy after writing. He loves to be with his students from whom he gets most of his writing ideas.

‘The Middleclass Jugaad’ is a story of a small-town guy with middleclass background. Rakesh, a commerce graduate, gets famous all over the country through his inventions at the very young age of 24 and builds a sustainable business out of it. The story evolves with the struggles faced by the lead character, Rakesh while researching his inventions, his JUGAADs while setting up a sustainable business from his inventions made and finally, marrying his soulmate, Preeti.

Vinay is an impactful writer. His writing is free-flowing with its subtle ability to convey a message in a fictional format to readers. The characters and their roles are beautifully portrayed and the story plotting is impeccable. The language is simple, lucid and crystal-clear.

Artist Akhila Danappagoudar has designed the book cover; she has nailed it, for sure.

The readers can enjoy the melodies of middleclass tantrums in small towns, how Rakesh finds a solution for women’s monthly problems, the JUGAAD he does to set up a sustainable business and how he finally achieves what he had promised to his mother and Preeti.

“The Middleclass Jugaad is my dream work of fiction. It took me 2 years to research this book and another year to conceptualize and pen down the story, and finally self-published it in April 2021 through Notion Press. I write stories to inspire my friends (all youths of India). We live in a young country. Not everybody has the clarity – both in career as well as relationships. In small towns, we can see there is less scope for startups, though there are plenty of business schools. The readers can get inspiring and thought-provoking insights about ethical business, startup potential in small towns and its culture, the role of research and development in business, and finally handling relationships and marrying the loved ones while following passion and making career”, says the author.

The paperback is available on Notion Press Book Store and Amazon for online purchase. Also available in Sapna Book House for offline purchase.

“All thanks to those who made me read and inspired me to cultivate the habit of reading. I was 18 at that time. I started with Chetan Bhagat and Savi Sharma. I love to read both fiction and non-fiction and to write too. My most heartfelt thanks to all those who helped me, directly or indirectly, in writing this book and to all my amazing readers who appreciate my work.”

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