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AutonomousERP SaaS Products Empower Small Businesses to Accelerate Sales and Productivity



AutonomousERP is a developer and provider of SaaS products that equip small and medium sized organizations with the technology needed to transform and grow. ERP software is a popular tool adopted by businesses all over the world. When offered on a SaaS platform, it can be easily implemented by small companies that would like to take advantage of the latest business automation technologies. 

AutonomousERP has released two SaaS products to streamline business processes for various industries. 

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software for small real estate businesses
  2. Human Capital Management (HCM) Software for all small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)

Technology of AutonomousERP

Built on a robust J2FX platform, the suite of ERP software is integrated with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It streamlines business processes and creates AI- enabled  reporting systems that generate actionable data insights.

  1. Predictive AI with probability analysis
  2. Voice command enabled
  3. OCR scanning
  4. GIS mapping
  5. Geo-tagging sign-in options
  6. Click-to-call feature
  7. Biometrics and face ID sign-in
  8. Integration with third-party applications and assets
  9. Multi-lingual and multiple payment options support
  10. Compliance-ready software (such as RERA and GST)
  11. Low/ No code programming
  12. Mobile applications for iOS and Android

USP of AutonomousERP

AutonomousERP focuses on developing unique ERP for real estate, construction, infrastructure and other industries. More than a decade of experience in ERP development and implementation has equipped the talented team to develop truly customer-centric SaaS ERP solutions. 

Their unique problem-solving methodology is applied to updating the ERP systems to make them more relevant to industry standards and are much sought-after by industry leaders. 

A quick review of the SaaS platform features that keeps customers coming back: 

  • ERP modules and features are updated according to industry standards
  • Integration with the latest programs, apps, equipment
  • Proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning features
  • A customer-centric product development team 
  • Seamless navigation through an easy user-interface
  • The J2FX platform provides fast and secure programming
  • Well-defined APIs for smooth integrations  

AutonomousERP Benefits 

Any small business would benefit highly with a business automation system that can streamline its workflows for sales and employee management. A SaaS product offers the functionality needed by SMEs while at the same time it is budget-friendly and does not require as much spend as on a full-fledged ERP system.

Why Should Small and Medium Sized Businesses Invest in SaaS CRM and SaaS HCM?

  1. Instant access from anywhere
  2. Integration with latest technologies
  3. Web and mobile access through Mobile ERP
  4. Instant deployment
  5. No additional infrastructure costs
  6. Budget-friendly subscription cost
  7. Instant upgrades
  8. Minimum cost and effort 
  9. Easily scalable 
  10. No need to monitor data computing, storage and maintenance 

Products and Features: Real Estate SME CRM and SaaS HCM Software Solutions

With powerful SaaS ERP and Mobile ERP solutions, leaders and employees can increase visibility into their organizations with smart automation tools.

RE CRM for Small Businesses, ERP software that streamlines all customer relationship management processes. 

  • Pre-Sales Automation– Streamline all activities for the management of incoming leads
  • Campaign Management– Create and track performance for all sales and marketing campaigns
  • Click-to-Call– Integrate direct calling features for easy management of leads 
  • Enquiry Management- Integrate with various portals to source enquiries onto the RE CRM SaaS platform
  • Lead Nurturing– Optimize interactions through the entire cycle of lead management 
  • Sales Process Automation– Automate processes related to post-sales and sales management
  • Documentation Automation– Update and share documents securely 
  • Customer Records– Instant access and update of records for all salespersons
  • Payment Schedules- Easy follow-ups and reminders 
  • Unit Allocation– Bookings and cancellations can be done easily online

HCM for Small Businesses is a SaaS product that streamlines all employee management tasks. 

  • Recruitment Cycle Management, begins with hiring to retiring, automates tasks to save time. It includes screening process, appointment, joining formalities and induction training. 
  • Leave Management System (LMS) and Attendance Management provides crucial man-hours to employees by automating regular tasks.
  • Employee Profile Management allows users to access information on allowances, IT declaration and other forms.
  • Salary, Perks and Incentives calculation can also be automated with a predefined structure. 
  • Employees can access personal information on the SaaS HR system without the need to contact HR personnel.
  • Storage of banking details and process management on the system allows for quick completion of tasks.
  • Database Management for all employees of an organization irrespective of the location.
  • Compliance with tax laws and other guidelines can be easily managed, including deductions and compliance submissions.
  • Upon retiring or resigning, the post-employment documentation and releasing formalities can be automated, created and uploaded on to the HCM ERP system for easy access.

About: AutonomousERP Software technology has been successfully implemented by more than 700 customers for 16+ years across 10+ domains. The highly experienced team at AutonomousERP have successfully delivered cloud ERP solutions to real estate, construction and infrastructure industries, customized to the client’s specific needs. For more information, visit 


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