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Besharam Rang | Pathaan | Controversy Or Art? | by Author Yashi Lath



Shah Rukh Khan is making his comeback in movies he did a cameo in the movie Brahmastra Part one Shiva directed and written by Ayaan Mukherjee released on 22nd September 2022. Many people are excited to see Shah Rukh Khan returning on the big screen and are eagerly waiting for the release of Pathaan releasing on 25th January 2023 starring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. The movie is getting limelight along with backlash because of one song titled Besharm Rang. Many Religious groups and communities are claiming that the song has made fun of their religious sentiments and the lyrics of the song are horrible and vulgar. Several people are calling Deepika Padukone’s outfits in the song cheap and disgusting. While certain people are praising Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan’s chemistry. We can say that the song is receiving mixed responses from different people.

The song presents Deepika Padukone in a saffron [ Bhagwa ]  bikini and the wordings of the song regarding the saffron [ Bhagwa ] are like Nasha Chadha jo shareefi ka utaar phenka hai besharm rang kahan dekha duniya walon ne.  People are claiming that here the besharm rang or shameless colour is being used for saffron colour which is also the top colour of our National flag. Saffron [ Bhagwa ] colour symbolises bravery and strength of the country it also symbolises sacrifice, light, and the quest for salvation. Hindu priests and ascetics also wear Saffron [ Bhagwa } coloured clothes to represent their devotion towards religion. According to the people Bollywood is again targeting the Hindu religion through this and there are a few vulgar scenes in this song where we can see the Hindu female protagonist seducing the Muslim male protagonist which becomes another controversial topic of love jihad. People are even saying that Bollywood has an agenda of brainwashing the minds of the younger generation that’s why they are frequently targeting the Hindu religion. The controversy has formed two groups for this movie. The first group supports the movie claiming that there is nothing wrong while the second group is ready to boycott the movie. The second group of people are even ready to burn the posters of the leading protagonists.

There are many actors and actresses in Bollywood who show arrogance to the audience instead of understanding and respecting their sentiments. Also, some actors were ready to boycott the audience instead of improving the content of their movies. Everyone is not bad in Bollywood there are actress and actors who still respects the sentiments of the audience by saying they are here because of the audience and they treat as audience as God they are nothing without the audience. No doubt Bollywood has made great movies in the past but now I guess Bollywood has become like a mischievous kid who isn’t ready to accept the mistakes that they commit and instead of boycotting or insulting the sentiments of the audience they should focus on their content and quality of the songs if they want to survive in the entertainment industry.

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