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Big Brand Business: An expertise that matches every Indian entrepreneur’s unique business needs with their branding Strategy.



Entrepreneurs say Cheers to Big Brand Business, expertise that matches your unique business needs with their branding strategy.

The majority of the Indian companies, irrespective of the size, have shifted their focus, approached brand building, and adopted branding as an effective marketing and advertising tool with deeper nuances. Every brand needs attention due to the cutting edge of competition in every industry, and there are millions of ways in which branding impacts business. To make it the significant majority of the Indian companies excitingly cheering to Big Brand Business and appreciating its value.

Indeed, branding creates a difference, and it is relevant for every industry. Any commercial transaction needs branding, and Big Brand Business has already made a considerable benchmark in setting an expectation for any products or services the audience seems to buy and avail respectively. 

– Big Brand Business Provides SME’S and MSME’S Business Consultation Services

– In this Rapidly Growing Online Market Place it is necessary to have Digital Story Building for your Product and Services through Digital marketing

– Big Brand Business helps Legal Registrations Related to Startup, Businesses, and Professions.

– In this Rapidly Growing Online Market Place it is necessary to have Digital Story Building for your Product and Services, which is possible with a proper website design & videos.

– Videos can be used for everything from building customer rapport to promoting your brand, services, or products.

Big Brand Business, a venture by John Fernandes, Balaji Rajani, Mukesh Chauhan, Chetan Penkar, Divyansh Jain, Ami Gala, and fundraiser Aabha Mishra takes pride in proclaiming that over 100’s of small and medium enterprises showed interest in Big Brand Business services that includes Professionals, retail business owners, salons, beauty care products manufacturers and retailers, travel agencies, cake shops, dry fruits sellers and herbal product manufacturers, real estate agents, politicians, NGOs from various cities like Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Surat and so on.

 An entrepreneur by passion and lawyer by profession, the founder John Fernandes is a certified brand and executive coach who graduated from the international coach federation and a Core member of hope house NGO and animal lover. John Fernandes takes pride in informing that Big Brand Business has developed specific strategies for every kind of business under its wing regarding the alignment of the customers.

He further adds, “Considering the Covid-19 impact both in terms of revenue and sales majority of the business were disrupted so, I along with the entire team of Big Brand Business have made it easy and are into providing branding and consulting services small and medium enterprises to build a brand and get attention from customers through continuous content sharing and educating towards their product and services. Big Brand Business has made it easy to build your personal and business brand through social media at an affordable cost”.

Studies reveal that most big corporations have shifted towards social media to gain customers’ attention through social media marketing. 

Indian industry plays an essential role in advertising their product with various branding strategies that help shape sentiments of the targeted consumer’s mind towards products and services. Studies reveal that since 2007 different Indian companies have started adopting multiple branding strategies to stand out in the market amid huge competition to create a maximum impact on the customer experience. India’s love for brands is unparalleled; hence, building a brand is judged from a new perspective, refreshed thinking, and holistic approaches. Most importantly, one must understand the factors that influence the needs of the consumers. Big Brand Business is the perfect platform with a package of brilliant commercial sense and a deeper understanding of the Indian consumer psyche.

Studies reveal that in terms of brand building, the majority of the start-ups do not have a strong brand, and the ambitions to create a strong brand are lacking in them. So, Big Brand Business has developed its platform so that every small business owners drop their price-conscious nature and adapt their brand-building strategies at an affordable range and make themselves stand apart from the crowd.Link :

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