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Break The Stigma: Counselling Is For Everyone



“People, after a certain age, appear all too knowing. And that becomes their life’s Achilles Heel.”

-Mr Chander Gaurrav Setia 

It’s 2021.

Yet, in many middle-income families, taking professional career counseling, or life mentorship, to date, is taken to mean something reserved for ‘not-so-bright people. 

Or, worse, for the uber-rich, already successful class, who can afford the premium fees that come attached to good professional counseling service providers.

On the flip side, few others think that counseling is for a particular demographic section, i.e., students and children alone. 

Indeed, you, a professional in the industry, a well-grown, mature adult, do NOT need any counseling, coaching, or mentorship of any kind…because you know everything…

The Need For Counselling: For Every Time You Hit a Roadblock

Questions about life, grief, crises, or trouble in any form or size don’t come announcing their arrival at your front door. They can hit at any point in your life.

Maybe you are a college student, mulling over what exactly it is that you do best and would want to learn more about? 

Feels like you are stepping into unknown waters? 

What if it doesn’t work out? What happens next? 

Perhaps you are a middle-aged, successful professional with a doting family but have nothing to look forward to any more in your career? 

The spark, the excitement is lost. You have it all, and you don’t know what to do anymore. 

You are stuck with a realization out of the blue—you don’t exactly know what to do anymore. 

So many questions…and before you know it, anxiety steps in. The trouble starts to brew with small questions that transform into an inner demon gnawing at your existence if left unanswered. 

Suddenly, you start to reach out to loved ones. 

You speak to well-wishers. 

But nobody around you can answer in a way that calms your gut. 

Nobody can understand your fears, your doubts, your questions thoroughly. 

Nobody gets it wholly. 

Now, it’s a fall straight into the crisis vortex. 

What do you do?

Answer: You seek (expert) guidance. 

When you seek guidance from merited experts or experienced professionals, suddenly, the problem does not seem too big to solve. No question seems too challenging because someone who knows what they are doing is by your side. 

Think about it. 

Say at work, every single time you have an issue at hand, the best minds, the experts and the professionals, are called upon to come together and think over the matter. 

Next comes a strategy resulting from collective discussion and analysis, which (hopefully) combats the problem’s ill effects, followed by a detailed plan to ensure the issue is eliminated.

If that’s how it generally unfolds at work, why can’t the same approach be applied when a problem hits closer home? 

The same analytical and strategic approach needs to be implemented when you have doubts, problems, or questions that can completely alter your life.

When crises come or tough questions strike, what you need is an unbiased, holistic purview of where you are, who you are/what you are made of, and what you can do. 

Here, additional support and guidance will help you take stock of all that you are, along with all possible outcomes. So you can put scientifically engineered life solutions into motion and cross your life’s stumbling block; with minimum or zero damage caused. 

A good, well-experienced counselor knows that the ultimate goal is to provide self-awareness and self-knowledge to the one seeking answers. They know how to harness the power of information, scientific reasoning, and technology with a touch of empathy, thus helping you get what you need. 

For life.

For work.

For whatever it be.

The truth is, most people aren’t fully capable of understanding the depth of emotional turmoil, despite having undergone the same experiences in their life because they’d never be able to know until they walk in your shoes for miles. 

Even your closest friend might not be able to fully understand who you are and what you are feeling at the time of trouble or crises. 

But a counselor, with their mind and methods, solid work experiences to their credit, and tested scientific reasoning, will help you clear up the clouds of doubts and help you venture deep inside, so you can understand yourself better and make an informed, well-thought decision or find answers. 

And if cost is a concern here, ask yourself: Is life more valuable or a premium cost for expert help that will steer you in the right direction?

So you wouldn’t have to run away from your problems or knock on the wrong doors for answers. 

Note: Chander Gaurrav Setia is the founder of Mindiinsight, unique end-to-end coaching and counseling venture that provides life and career solutions to clients of all age groups and walks of life. 

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“It’s a myth that career counselling or life coaching is for children or young adults alone.”

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