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Dr Atul Kumar Sahuwala Goyal: The success story of the Next-Gen Entrepreneur and founder of A star Group



“Dr Atul Kumar Sahuwala Goyal (Advocate) is one of the best corporate Solutions providers and Consultant who has revolutionized the corporate Industry to the next level with his innovative thinking and solutions that made his way to break barriers in Corporate Industry.”

Every business is regulated by law right from incorporation to shut down that requires substantial assistance in handling disputes or any legal security from any unforeseen legal complications in the future. Besides, a suitable solution for customer productivity by analyzing problems, marketing and business development strategies, and risk management are a must-have for every business. That’s where a legal consultant uses their practical legal knowledge to enhance efficiency and profitability of every interaction—introducing one such successful legal consultant and the best corporate solution provider Dr Atul Kumar Sahuwala Goyal, who, with his expertise, knowledge and innovative thinking, is soaring high, thereby revolutionizing the corporate Industry.

National Award winner Dr Atul Kumar, founder of ”A star Group”, has been working in Legal, IT, Media & Marketing since 2004 with the unique concept of the digital marketing concept of management. He is a legal consultant and qualified as an advocate with subject matter experts responsible for providing legal advice and keeping the business’s overall legal health in check. The wheel towards his success was not smooth, which was embedded with struggle from the early stage of his career. But, his ability to create amid the battle has what made him the next Gen Entrepreneur. He has failed A LOT; he was criticized for his small trading business, but he never gave up. He identified his struggle and leveraged it to build a thriving organization, “A Star Group”, that sets him apart from the rest of the world. The single defining factor that made him a successful entrepreneur is his ability to move in continuous motion.

”A Star Group” is a one-stop solution for every business that provides a plethora of services to every company in the sectors of legal, IT and management, Digital and Media marketing. The ”A Star Group” provides its services all over India, comprised of 612 districts from 2004 to 2020 and still going strong serving 10,000+ corporate associates. The journey behind the inception of ”A Star Group” was not an easy one. After facing tremendous loss in various business trading & manufacturing of FMCG products, Dr Atul Kumar spent tons of time researching the problems along with a solution in the corporate sector & opt to the services sector to overcome with this solutions business. At a young age, without any family support, he had faced the world of being bold, creative, and courageous and daring. Though his journey was riddled with pain and failure, long and arduous with an ascending stairway that was difficult to climb but eventually got him to the top that broke every corporate industry barrier.

”A Star Group” is a platform that provides you with the Registration, Certification and Licensing of your business with them. Then you can proceed with your work and manage your business online and grow with their Digital Solution and Marketing. They are 100% client-centric in their dealings and aim to provide a top-notch, high standard, reliable solution and service to their clients in the market at an affordable cost. They believe that the sky is the limit for every scope of improvisation, and they are always prepared to take their achievements to the next level. They also strive to make the fee structure and the legal costs as transparent and predictable as possible.

Distinguishing Feature 

– Dr. Atul Kumar Sahuwala Goyal (Advocate)

B.COM, BJMS, LLB, MBA (International Business Management, Finance and Marketing), LLM, PG in Legal and forensic Science, PhD.

● National Award Winner- Business Solutions Expert

● Member, International IP Law Association, USA

● Member, International Bar Association, UK

• Attorney, Intellectual Property of India (Trademark and copyright, patent)

• Registered Auditor, (QCI) Quality Council of India 

• Member, (NBQP) National Board of Quality Promotion 

• Law & Corporate Legal Consultant, Rajasthan High Court 

• Quality Auditor International Standard 

• Chief Editor & Journalist 

• Information Technology Specialist

●Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law

● Founder, A Star Group

He signs off by saying, “Live your life with doing what you want to do without the feeling of being judged, makes your choice based on what you want to do in life, competes with yourself and stands tall it eventually will take you to a better tomorrow.”

You can contact Dr Atul kumar Sahuwala Goyal at +91 9214321001  

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