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Dr. Eram Anwar – A Turtle Unveiled It’s Existence




“Give me six hours to chop down a tree 

and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax” – Abraham Lincoln

Hello٫ I’m Dr. Eram Anwar٫ a simple and serene girl born and brought up in Patna. I belong to an educated٫ ethical and down-to-earth family and I was being expected to carry on the tradition. I have completed my schooling from JMI (Jamia Millia Islamia) New Delhi٫ then came back to my home town Patna and prepared for NEET. 


 Whenever a child is born in a Doctor’s family٫ at the same time it is being registered that this baby is going to wear apron one day. Same thing happened with me. Nevertheless in my school life I remained in top ten throughout and was absolutely dedicated to takeover the dynasty of my father. But unconciously somewhere an urge to scribble was inculcating and soon the retaliation started showing up between two streams and all of sudden my life became bipolar. My graph of interest in medical side started falling terribly but the reason of that degradation was not uncurtained yet.

Later on I had decided to compromise my passion temporarily to fix the current chaos and started struggling hard to fullfill the dream from my father. Undoubtedly it worked I got admission in MMDCH and moved to Darbhanga. Now there where no sort of pressure standing behind٫ so I refilled my ink pen and buckled up to write again. Truly٫ it was not that hard then to focus on both the goals simultaneously. 

 Writing poems on different genres were the most exotic activity for me and I have decided to continue that. Then a phase of LOCKDOWN knocked into our lives and for me that phase proved itself as a game changer. I joined several groups under PROFOUND WRITERS and they literally nourished my language and made it more representable. And one day secretly I had dared to start working on my first book. During those days I also got several offers from compilers across the country to participate in their anthologies in which I worked in more than thirty five. 

On OCTOBER 21st٫ 2022 my first book BEHIND THE VEIL blinked on Amazon٫ Flipkart and Notion press website. 

It was out of the world kind of feeling tickling  inside my gut. I maintained my rank in top 5 in every examination of college and finally became a skillful Doctor. And on the other side I was being asked by the professors and students to give them my autograph on my very first book.  

 It felt like I have learnt the skill of balancing weird things synchronously and also somewhere my self-confidence begin to bloom.

It became my personal school of thought that ‘Success demands patience٫ persistence and having believe in yourself’. No one can fetch the pinnacle without taking initial steps and thus٫ it takes time to climb a mountain. infact it doesn’t matter at all that what is the speed of your growth٫ although what matters is that you are growing anyways.

Now exploring and understanding the undulations of life on spiritual note I have discovered a beautiful truth that, 

‘We can earn utmost pleasure only by helping those who are incapable of returning the favor in any materialistic mean, what they can give you no one else can and that is Pure Blessings’. Ever since this ideology has been inculcated in my mind and I have started following it, an immense satisfaction germinated somewhere inside. 

I cordially thank everyone specially my mother and my best friends Diksha and Nidhi who always stood by my side and encouraged me and made me who I am today.

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