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Educational Institutions have the potential to create winning careers and sustain livelihoods.



While traditionally, educational institutions are looked upon as the custodians of administering knowledge through structured processes, called teaching and issuing the final stamp of a degree of assimilation of knowledge through the process of awarding certificates, the other big and very big role of an educational institution is yet to be recognized and developed. 

Children spend the most extended waking hour with their peers and teachers in the school. The acquired skills like vocabulary, efficiency in physical activities, confidence building, developing competitive spirit are all something that is taught here. 

The untapped potential of the educational institution to create winning careers and sustained livelihood programs is something waiting to unleash. 

Career selection through scientific tools such as aptitude tests which gives career recommendations suits the child’s skill base, interest, exposing children to a myriad of new and emerging careers, getting career mentors to have sessions with students, having student exchange programs, giving a glimpse into actual career profiles and so on, are some very effective ways to create careerists at schools itself. 

Career Counselling, today is no longer about what course to do, but is all about “True Career Guidance”. As mere course selection does not spell “Career”. An accurate career planning is done by carefully studying the student’s ability through simple psychometric tests and later mapping it with the course, which guarantees a market opportunity. That is what Career Guidance is all about. Career planning without psychometric tests is akin to hearing a sermon on different careers without knowing what is suitable for oneself. Career Guidance, therefore, has its essential elements like a psychometric test, a seasoned professional of the sector to ensure that the student or professional receives the latest and relevant information on the career that is derived through a data-backed process. The latest on the bandwagon is online career counselling. Apt for these times as the process is technology-driven, hence the least errors.

There is a career for everyone, is the statement that makes in all its communications. Says the Ceo & founder, Girija Nair of, “A career choice is the basis for at least 50 years of one’s active life. And in order to make that journey enjoyable, career choice should essentially be done on the basis of scientific methods like aptitude test & career counselling. Furthermore, the career canvas is so huge today that the career counsellors chosen should definitely have extensive career exposure and experience.” CTO & founder of, Barun Modi shares, “If one looks at computer science as a career, roles that are now there are very different from what it was 20 years ago. It therefore, becomes imperative that within technology, today the career choice would be very different and has to be absolutely informed.” 

Kindlecareer Pvt Ltd is a career counselling firm that has partnered with educational institutions like Priyadarshini, GD Goenka, and Poddar International. It has actively done career counselling programs, career sessions, and personality analysis for teachers for bettering their skills. 

Educational institutions have the opportunity to create the canvas of career early on in the students’ minds. Giving them a chance at the right time, i.e. 8th standard, to decide what after 10th, what after 12th, would adequately prepare them for the right entrances for the suitable careers. 

Educational institutions can counsel students on skill-based courses for students who are not adequately equipped for academics. Thus ensuring two things; One, students don’t stop learning and drop out; second, equip them with a skill for a sustainable livelihood. Thus ensuring, “Career for all.” 

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