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While watching different news channels or reading news from various news sources, every news source would have versions of the same information. So, which version of it is accurate and reliable? Fox Story India stepped into the field to provide unbiased and trustworthy news. It is established to publish the non-commercial version of information and give the people actual notice based on facts and reliable sources. Fox Story India is a venture of FoxClues, the research & marketing expert, which makes it trustworthy and credible. 

             The prime purpose behind the launching of Fox Story India is to build a platform that is more than just a news platform—giving Wings to the natural and fortune media, with no manipulation and creating hopes to the ethical news hub and media platform. It focuses on the stories of people to bring both the success and failure stories into the limelight. It also focuses on various categories of both national and international news related to politics, Cricket etc. This is being called ‘The People’s platform’ because it is developing as a voice to the lesser-known people where they can share their success stories to motivate people and share their failure stories to teach others from their mistakes. 

             Fox Story India is created to solve the lack of credibility and accountability of people sharing information in this digital era. As many people have access to the internet, it is easier to get information, as required. But, it is necessary to distinguish between credible and dubious news and sources. Because controlling the flow of information is great power in the 21st century, it should never be concentrated with one single business or governmental entity. So, Fox Story India is established to provide unbiased news and stories to people because they deserve to know the facts. 

             Fox Story India believes that reporting news isn’t just a job to earn money. Instead, it is a sport of responsibility to provide people with reliable information, and it isn’t hard to do so. Because ordinary people are the ones that are caught in the crossfire. Many people have lost a lot due to dubious news and information, so Fox Story India stepped in to kick such issues away.

             Fox Story India is one such platform that people can rely upon for credible information, where people can even share their stories. These bstories influenced many people etc., with the public. It is imperative to have one such platform that people can trust and is credible. It is a venture of FoxClues, the research and marketing that altered the market’s path with its unprecedented schemes makes it trustworthy and credible. People shouldn’t pay for getting access to information, which they deserve. New Endeavours like Fox Story India are showing promising features for the welfare of the public.

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