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HAPPY COMPLIANCE had once again Proved Continuous Improvement is better than Delayed Perfection,



“No one is too small or too weak to adapt the change and it is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage the change” this mantra had been taken seriously

When someone aims at improving the already established business market practice and against the well-funded and highly dominant competitor, it seems world’s most difficult task but for Jahangir Husein Obstacles is just a synonym for Opportunities.

Had the founder of OLA or UBER not dared to improve the already established and monopolised cab service market in India we would have not be able to experience the convenience of booking a Cab over the phone.

On the same vision Happy Taxation and law technologies Pvt Ltd was established with an aim to systematize and improvise the Compliance Management Sector More efficiently.

Slow and steady wins the race!!!
Established in 2018 HAPPY COMPLIANCE the Tech-Based Compliance management Platform from HAPPY TAXATION AND LAW TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED is now an official partner of UTIITSL for deployment of PAN CARD Service centres at Pan India level,
In an official announcement on their Social media Platform  HAPPY COMPLIANCE announced this development,
If Industry Experts are to be believe, this Milestone will pave way for happy compliance to enter into E-Governance Market, Some experts also believe that this is a strategic move by Happy compliance towards its long term goal of Dominating the E-Governance Sector ,
With already its present Dominance over Compliance Management Market this is surely a Strategic move by Happy Compliance.
The present resources and experience of Happy Compliance in Compliance Management Sector will surely prove to be fruitful in this Venture.

If rumors are to be Believed Happy Compliance is Already in talk to Start CSC Centres for Providing E-governance services more effectively on a broader Playground. 

We tried Contacting Mr. Jahangir Husein the Managing director of HAPPY TAXATION AND LAW TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD for his comments on the development, but he was not available for the comment,
One of the Senior employee from Happy Compliance on the condition of Anonymity confirmed the development and also pointed that Happy compliance will soon be partnering with an already Established player in the Market for Deployment of TAN Services to its customers. Now this could be big news for both, Happy Compliance and its Customers,

The motto of Happy Taxation and Law Technologies private limited seems clear they are in no mood to outsource the assignments, rather they are focusing on building a conglomerate Capable of Providing an all Inclusive In-House Services, and who doesn’t knows that an In-house Empire Insures complete DATA PROTECTION of its Clienteles.
Well, that’s a smart move though, but the smartest move was already played by HTLT in year 2019 when it applied and Secured START-UP INDIA RECOGNITION under DIPP, Ministry of Commerce. It was assumed then that HAPPY TAXATION AND LAW TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD was the first ever Compliance management Company to be Officially Recognised under START UP INDIA.

With an Existing business model and strategies after strategies Happy Taxation and law Technologies Pvt Ltd is slowly but steadily building its way to the Top, and we are eagerly waiting for more positive announcement from HTLT in coming days.
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