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How M-Square is transforming the Indian Podcasting Landscape



Hearing stories of people achieving something or making a small but significant change in the community always inspires people, and we want to play a small role. We want your story to be heard by people all over the world so that someone learns something and wants to do their bit as a result of hearing your inspiring story and just because of so many people nailing it every day in their respective fields and giving us a new super account, every day has made us even more thankful for you guys because if it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have won the Youth Icon India award. So, thank you for trusting and allowing us to be a part of your adventure. However, this is only the beginning of our dream project, and there are many more milestones to be reached. Msquare podcasts hosted by Anurag Manik tell the stories of people trying to make a difference in their communities through their work. People’s stories about how they began doing something on their own and were open to sharing their life experiences. To give you all a jest of what can you expect from us is- we recently interviewed Shruti Seth, AKA Jia from Shararat, where she gave us a little sneak peek of what was her life when she was playing the character on the show also, she talked about Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Emotional Quotient scenario, EI as she described is most often the ability to perceive, use, understand, manage, and handle emotions and a lot more for which you will have to tune into our podcast. Another interview in line is with Yasna Sehgal, who is also known by her community as the Friendly Advocate. She will be speaking about her journey and will share some great insights that will transform the way we think about many topics. We’d also like to inform you about our upcoming particular podcast season with Shruti Seth, in which she’ll talk about issues that have personally helped her in her daily life.

While some people believe that marketing and entrepreneurial content can be tedious, the fact that it is delivered in a podcast with no visuals makes it even more challenging to pique people’s interests. As a result, we try to present marketing and entrepreneurial content in a more entertaining manner to attract more listeners and show people that topics like these can be quirky and fun while also being informative. It is a well-known fact that anything accompanied by entertainment goes a long way, which is why we strive to make our podcasts as entertaining and catchy as possible, because ‘tadka and spice’ are the new everything excellent. 

In addition, for the first time in the entire world’s podcasting space, we are introducing a new concept of pod blog. These are essentially blogs but in the form of podcasts. This is where we get creative with podcasting, which helps in keeping our listeners in awe of what’s coming next. 

Talking of the people we have interviewed in the past are some prominent celebrities like Shruti Seth AKA Jia from Shararat, does this ring any childhood bells? For the business geeks, we have interviewed many start-up owners like founder of ENT network, Harshit Malhotra, the first social network for entertainers, and many influencers and content creators like Tanvi Khera, 23, from Delhi, who is an economics honor graduate turned Pastry Chef with two years of experience in the industry with specialization in Modern French Pastry, Artisan chocolates, and bread and Urvi Shah, a Mental Health facilitator from Mumbai who completed her master’s in Counselling Psychology and now is pursuing masters in Sports Psychology. She’s also a professional dancer and a sports enthusiast.

We will bring out many more stories for you. If you have one such account that you think everyone should know, then Msquare is for you. We’ll try our best to make you feel comfortable while sharing your story so that the next time you achieve something great, you automatically remember us for another session.

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