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How to Grow Stress-Free in the Job with an Entrepreneur Mindset: Dr Vijay Viraj, Founder & CEO- BadaEmployee



Every day 72000 babies are born in India. No matter which government comes, it cannot create 72000 jobs every day, nor can start 72000 businesses daily. This means that there will be stiff competition throughout life.

Do you know “Who faces this competition the most, voluntarily or involuntarily?

The answer is “middle-class people”.

According to a Google search, there are more than 500 million organized and unorganized workers in India. 99% of the people are middle class. The middle-class population which is more focused on getting a job always struggles more but contributes maximum to Indian economics.

I remember, when I was in class 12th, my relatives advised me “Vijay, get good marks, get a good college, then you will get a good job” I followed the same because I had no choice. My parents were illiterate. I was born in a poor family where my father was a sewing machine mechanic. There was no one to guide me. I was a meritorious student and never took any tuition and passed CBSE Senior Secondary Examination in 2004 with first division with Biology and Mathematics.

Getting a good job is not a bad decision. I remember when I cleared the PMT exam in 2005 and took admission in Government Medical-Dental College, PGIMS Rohtak. After completing my education, I worked in Safdarjung Hospital in 2011 as a Resident Doctor on a 1-year contract. That was my first job. Then I practised as a consultant with an NGO and a few clinics.

I served thousands of people as a doctor. The constant feedback from my patients, my friends and the seniors of my colleges suggested to me that “Dr Vijay, you have the ability and skill to serve the society in other ways too” so I did a survey and asked many people “What worries you the most in life?”. Most people gave me the answer “job”. Salary in the job, skill-set in the job, how to rise in the job, how to get salary increase, how to get promotion early etc.

So, I decided to understand this corporate job life. And I left the practice, assigned my clinic to my junior doctor and entered a corporate job in August 2015. As of June 2018, I changed 5 jobs in 3 years and achieved growth of over 200%. In July 2018, I entered the sales industry with India’s top dental equipment trading company. There I developed my entrepreneurial skills and got two promotions in the first year of the job. I decoded the secret of rapid growth as an employee of a corporate.

Most of the employees in the job face 3 main challenges:

1. Mismatch of personal goals, objectives and beliefs with the company’s goals, objectives and culture.

2. Poor understanding of company hierarchy, work process and system.

3. Not increasing the skills required for promotion and responsibilities to the next level.

During my 10-year journey, I researched and understood corporate systems, hierarchies and workplace culture. I changed many jobs to try and understand the problems that millions of employees are facing every day. Gender boss problem, team conflict, leadership development, time management, automation, people management, communication skills etc. are the main key points that an employee has to face daily in the course of his job. Many times, employees make wrong decisions under the wrong influence of “Quit your job and build your business” and end up with disappointment, loss of time and money.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey; it is much more difficult and fuller of challenges and struggles than you would face in a job. Hence an employee must understand these 3 transition stages before entering the world of entrepreneurship.

1. Stable Employee – where you learn skills and especially acquire managerial skills

2. Employee Entrepreneur- where you acquire leadership skills and handle an entire project independently. Build an entrepreneurial mindset and utilize company resources. There are zero risks for you.

3. Entrepreneurship – where you test your skills and apply them to your projects. Here you have 100% risk as you use your own resources and money.

So, with the mission of helping 10 million people grow stress-free on the job, I created an ecosystem where I work with other trainers and mentors to train employees on our unique training program “Employee Freedom Model” where we teach them how to increase their salary, get promotions early in the job and build a digital business asset together for a passive income source. It is a complete 360-degree mentorship program with lifelong access that works on the 4 pillars of life which include health, money, time and relationships. Hundreds of employees are reaping benefits and creating success stories every day.

If you are a corporate aspiring employee and want to taste the success of C-Suite, we welcome you to our community. For more details please visit . To access our training programs, please visit

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    August 28, 2021 at 6:25 am

    Nice insight

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