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Infigent Solution Pvt Ltd: A Premier Content Writing Company in Bhubaneswar



“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

If there’s one thing that has been supremely established, it’s the power of original content. Most brands and businesses struggle with generating revenue-driving content – some lack strategy, some lack originality and some are simply not creative enough. It was not long before brands realized that without good content, they could not simply increase website traffic or drive revenues. Thus began the search for both relevant content and dedicated writers! The year was 2015 and the search for relevant content was at its peak. Instead of waiting around in the dark, we decided to take a leap of faith that very year and soon Infigent Solution was born.

Led by a team of passionate experts and creative genius writers, Infigent Solution was founded in the temple city of Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha in 2015. In a world where labels are irrelevant, Infigent Solution refuses to believe in promoting a platter of services with a price list like a menu at any restaurant – ‘One size for all’ is a myth and we stand by it. We specialize in crafting curated services that are meant to fit specific business needs and sometimes even go beyond such specified requirements.

Pritish Samantaray, the founder and CEO of Infigent Solution spoke at length, when asked about his dream,

“I have dreamt about producing premium quality content for a long time. The whole world might be seeking a good content strategy but most content writers still take writing as a secondary profession besides their full time careers. I hope to change how content writing as a profession is perceived.”

What really strikes most people is how Infigent Solution is a bootstrapped startup that began from nothing and in only a span of five years, the agency has managed to grow exponentially in leaps and bounds with clients across the world. Our secret? A few years of experience has not changed our holistic approach towards creating content. All projects are unique in retrospect and our team of creative experts excel in creating compelling strategies and engaging content at competitive costs for any business or brand.

“A young entrepreneur. A young team. A young agency.”

As a prospective client, you might wonder what’s so different about Infigent Solution? We might be young but our team is equipped with the best of both worlds – the experience of working with varying brands and the latest technology, for showcasing creative prowess on all platforms for all clients. A modern approach towards content writing accompanied by the assistance of premier tools like Grammarly and Copyscape ensures originality while our extensive research skills ensure content with an edge.

Pritish Samantaray, the founder and CEO of Infigent Solution further added, “Content writing is mostly done for commercial purposes but to me it’s a form of expression, a form of art that convinces your target audience about the importance of your product or service. Come, celebrate the art of writing with us.”

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