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Interview by: Ayushi Rathore (PR Analyst – PR Waale Public Relations Services)

The journey of the Karunna Foundation started with pure affection for the innocent, voiceless babies and with a slight vision to feed and care for the ones who can’t speak up for themselves. The incident which took the concept to the next level is Kavita’s dad’s last words, “take care of my voiceless babies.”

 Karunna Foundation (Karunna) is a non-profit organization established in The Blue City of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Karunna is committed to the welfare of stray animals – street dogs, cats, birds, and other small species, which require attention. Karunna Foundation aims towards building a support structure for creating an animal-friendly world where there is ample space for love and care. Karunna’s founder Kavita Singhvi says that “Our NGO works for beneficial animal care; we provide food, shelter, and care for animals. We work for the eyes who can’t speak about the cruelty that happened to them. We work to provide care which was always missing in their life.”

 The founder Kavita Singhvi is an ardent animal lover and passionate about the wellbeing of stray animals in the local area. She’s a renowned solo animal activist in her room and is known by most ‘jodhuprites’ for the selfless work for these voiceless. Karunna’s vision is to build a modern state-of-the-art facility that enables them to expand their rescue, adoption, community outreach, education services and become the state leader in treating, feeding, and vaccinating stray & abandoned animals. The NGO never turns away needy animals and carefully considers each animal’s special emotional and physical needs.

 Many less fortunate lost or abandoned animals end up in pitiful conditions and often die from exposure, disease, or fights with other animals. Karunna’s aim for the forthcoming years is to become a leading inspiration to the community for taking care of the lives of animals. The organization has an all-volunteer staff consisting of local volunteers. The NGO and its volunteers conduct workshops, conferences, & awareness camps to educate people about animals’ lives for the ecosystem.

During the lockdown period in the COVID 19 pandemic, where people were busy taking care of themselves, Karunna Foundation took the responsibility of food and water for every voiceless animal in the area as much as they were capable of taking care of. Approximately 380 fur babies were well fed and adequately pampered.

The wholeheartedness, who is always devoted to the animals, lies in the simplicity and efforts of Ms Kavita Singhvi. The thought of Kavita eventually brings us close to the animals. She is the ray of hope for the voiceless animals, who will get relief in their lives.

We request you all to please come forward and donate to help Animal feeding programs at KCT.

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Interview by: Ayushi Rathore 

(PR Analyst – PR Waale Public Relations Services) 


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