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KFS Unveils Formula for Happier, More Productive Workplaces



India’s workforce is facing significant health and wellness challenges, according to recent data. Of the 86 million salaried employees in the country, 63% are overweight, 74% are disengaged at work, and 73% have an unhealthy diet. Meanwhile, 78% of working women suffer from health disorders, and 90% of employees rate their organization’s culture as poor. 

Moreover, a large proportion of female employees lack the support they need, both pre- and post-pregnancy. These are just a few of the alarming statistics that reveal the pressing need for a solution to these problems.

Employers are keenly aware of these challenges and want to provide a better workplace culture for their employees. However, a lack of resources and ineffective solutions have left many employers feeling helpless. As a result, many businesses lose between 23% to 78% of their revenue due to employee health and wellness issues.

Fortunately, Kiran Fitness Studio (KFS) has arrived as a solution. KFS has decoded the formula for happy and satisfied employees, which ultimately translates to more profit for employers. By providing highly engaging wellness programs that seamlessly integrate with employees’ daily work routines, KFS is transforming the workplace culture in India. 

Kiran Vekariya, the founder of KFS, understands the importance of time, convenience, and results in today’s highly competitive era. She says, “We have designed our services in such a way that they blend into the employees’ routine lives just like Sugar in Milk.” By utilizing the best technologies and the Kaizen method, KFS delivers guaranteed results while providing personalized care for each employee. emphasize on improving workplace culture, employee fitness and wellness, workplace hygiene, employee mental health, employee dressing, grooming, and etiquette, women’s care, pre- and post-pregnancy support, and an employee disease prevention and care program.

In its 16-year journey, KFS has served more than 12,800 individuals and created happy organizations across India. With KFS, businesses are discovering that the formula for happy employees ultimately leads to more satisfied and profitable outcomes. 

Inspirational Story of Kiran Vekariya, Founder of KFS

With the vision to make the world more fit and healthy, Kiran Vekariya started the fitness studio in eastern Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It was the time when she herself was going through a lot of challenges. She was facing a financial crisis, an identity crisis, and struggling to find her place in the highly competitive field of fitness. Despite all these difficulties, Kiran had a strong desire to make the world more fit and healthy, so she decided to start her own fitness studio called KFS.

Kiran’s aim was to provide holistic fitness to everyone, which included not only physical fitness but also mental and social well-being. She realized that real fitness cannot be achieved without empathy towards people and finding solutions to their personal issues. Kiran started helping women with their personal issues, diseases, and social well-being, and men with mental fitness, financial stability, soft skills, and social skills, apart from just being physically unfit.

With her scientific approach and empathetic nature, Kiran’s fitness studio began to deliver impressive results, and her clients started to see improvements in their physical and mental health. She became a life mentor to her clients, and they started reaching out to her for advice on their personal issues. She cured thousands of clients’ diseases and helped them feel beautiful and healthy. One of them was Remy. He ceased his real estate business and joined the mission of Kiran.

However, life had different plans for Kiran when the pandemic hit her hard, just like it did to many businesses. Despite this, she refunded the fees of her clients and continued helping them for free. By the time the pandemic wave was over, Kiran had lost all her fortune, but she did not lose hope. With Remmy’s help, she started a new fitness studio in a new location, and her old clients gathered there like bees.

Just when everything was going great, Kiran was diagnosed with cancer. Her dream of serving millions was about to be shattered, and her clients started to lose faith in her. However, Kiran gathered courage and trust in herself, which not only helped her defeat cancer but also rejoin KFS in just 40 days. She became fitter and healthier than before and decided to take her mission to larger and more needy individuals.

As a result, Kiran initiated a corporate wing, micro- and macro-franchising, personalized courses, a fitness and wellness institute, and many more. Kiran’s story is a true inspiration to all those who face challenges in life but still have the determination to achieve their dreams.

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