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Multipotentialite Star illuminates the World of Brain-Computer Interface: A Glimpse into Abhijeet Satani’s Story.



Galvanised by the spirit of enriching human life, Abhijeet satani mapped out a galaxy of his own. Zooming into his space, one can see multiple planets of mathematics, philosophy, design and medical sciences orbiting rhythmically around the centre of his universe, i.e., Brain-Computer Interface. His interdisciplinary acumen complemented by the supervision of senior luminary scientists has created numerous inventions that were previously thought to be possible only in fiction.

For instance, have you ever wondered that the concept of Ant-Man, where a human can interact with an ant and direct it to behave as per the controller’s wish, is just a figment of imagination? The work of Abhijeet Satani will inspire you to revisit your beliefs. In one of his experiments, he choreographed the movements of a cockroach into left-right motion just with his mental command using an apparatus mounted on the insect’s back! 

Satani has been navigating through the architecture of the human brain for more than a decade now. His astute observation and foresight led him to forecast complications in a patient following invasive brain surgeries. His research on ‘Brain Control Interface Module’, a wireless EEG machine, which shows doctors real-time brain data during surgery, has brilliantly solved various problems associated with brain surgeries. For one, real-time feedback on patients’ operations can provide crucial information for the surgeons and obviates repeated operations. Satani has won the patent for the same invention of projects from the USA, Europe, China & India. In yet another innovation, Satani demonstrated how one could successfully use an exoskeleton (which operates on the principles of Electromyography) to aid patients with paralysis. Furthermore, he has contributed to the domain of computer-aided prosthetics by installing artificial legs in individuals who have lost their limbs to facilitate seamless movements. He is furthering this initiative by supplying such advanced limbs to many across the world. 

Satani’s brilliance doesn’t end here. Apart from being a prodigious scientist, he is a phenomenal science communicator. So far, Satani has two books published in his name. His book ‘A Simple Approach to Neuroscience’ is a compelling and comprehensible guide to the neophytes of Brain Science. Backed by exciting illustrations of the nervous system, Satani has elegantly simplified the complex terminology of neuroscience, making information accessible for diverse readers. His second book ‘How to write a research paper’ catapults young scientists to understand the foundations of empirical research and publish academic papers to solidify their careers. His work has inspired a great deal of zeal amongst aspiring scientists across the globe, thanks to his user-friendly approach to deconstructing complicated topics in research.

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