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Preety Kaushik Pavitra – Scribbling to professionalism



Deep roy once said, “inspiration comes from within yourself. One has to be positive. When you are positive, good things happen”.

Hello readers! Myself preeti kaushik pavitra. I come from a small town named Haileymandi in Haryana. I am a teacher in profession and writer in passion. About my education, I have completed my bachelors from gurgaon, PG in  english literature  from B. P S M V sonipat and later on I went on to complete my B.ED from MDU rohtak. Currently I’m doing my MBA in the business development management from mumbai, even i qualified JRF with NET in ENGLISH. Being a recognised author now, if to say in a line then ,writing is my one true love. My personal favourite is to write about social issues.  In my leisure space I love interacting with people around and get to know about their diverse culture. Also being a hard-core theist, I’m too fond of singing bhajans. The very existence of my devotion lies in the fact that god is the basis of everything that exists.

My journey of writing was a pure unconscious process. At the age of 14, I was already writing. During my school days, I used to write poetries and stories after school hours and because I was unaware of my budding interest and so was people around me. Unknowingly I was creating something great out of my passion. But like we say, great things demand rigorous efforts and struggles to outshine one day. I faced distinguished struggles at different stages of my life but the most difficult to overcome was my disability to speak properly or can say stammering. It put in front of me the trolls and mimics of my peers. All I was left with was broken self confidence.

Finally, in my +1 under the mentorship of one of my english teacher SHASHI MA’AM, I overcame my problem of stammering, developed self confidence and started expressing ideas through little scribbles. Although writing as a whole is my favourite but the genre I’m more inclined to is contemporary, inspirational and self discovery. Journey of shifting from being nothing to finally realising true potential in oneself is the biggest inspiration in itself. It boosts one’s personality and motivates them for upcoming challenges. So Long story short, the sense of self discovery draws me to this domain. In addition to that social welfare and volunteerism has always been close to my heart. I always intend to contribute as my ability allows me for the betterment of the society.

Before being an author, I wrote thousands of features for leading newspapers, with titles that were catchy and simultaneously easy for me. They had a pinch of emotions added to them flaunting as a cherry on the cake. Last but not the least, throughout my writing career what really kept me  going was the recognition that this field has given me. The struggles fabricated artistically depicts the reality of today and their eventual success is the biggest inspiration youth of today must learn from

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