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Revolving Rana, a Bihari vlogger



Satyam Rana Pratap, a 17-year-old who hails from Aurangabad, a small town in Bihar, belongs to a middle-class family. He started his YouTube channel two months back when he went for his first trip to Chennai. Since he did not have a professional camera and laptop, he faced various issues in making videos and editing. His father works in Mumbai in a Pvt company. Satyam did his schooling From Dav Aurangabad. Asking about Satyam how he got interested in he said he use to watch vlogs on YouTube as in his home he doesn’t have any separate mobile phone, so he used to see in his Sister phone. The phone had a basic camera, so it was difficult for him to make vlogs.

And their condition was not that good that so he cannot afford a good mobile phone. So after school, he takes tuition with his sister Rish aka (Goldie), who supported him a lot. After teaching for one year, earning a small contribution from his sister Goldie and twinkle, he bought his first phone. His friend Asmit supported him a lot. Now it was time to record videos as being a camera-shy person. It was very difficult for him to record, but still, he didn’t leave trying. His first video was his journey from Ranchi to Chennai sponsored by his brothers Aviraj and Amit. Satyam says it was the first time he sat on a flight and went out from his hometown alone. He captured the moment’s short clip in the morning till evening, and then at night, he uses to do editing on his mobile itself. Then, he uploaded his first video. 

But the journey was not that easy. When his family heard about the video, they shouted at him that he should not do all this then. His sister Goldie makes his parents understand that there is nothing wrong with this then he resumed his vlogging.

Satyam says it’s difficult for a middle-class person to blogging as a camera is a problem and not having a proper laptop for editing. It takes much time compared to those who have a good camera as well as a laptop. He says if you have passion, you can achieve anything in his life currently. He is doing his graduation, and side-by he is teaching and visiting new places. It’s fun to visit new places and explore new things. He is planning to go to Delhi on his next trip. Vlogging looks easy, but it is not money is an issue for most people he says he can’t be a full-time vlogger as he has other responsibilities. In his village, he has full support from them. They love watching him on YouTube and making them see the places in their local language.


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