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Roadmap to a Healthier Life By Mrinal Chadha



Big Announcement!!! BOOK LAUNCHING

Mrinal Chadha (Fitfreewithmrinal), Indian Government-certified Sports Nutritionist and Best Sports Nutritionist 2021 Award Winner, is launching his book on Nutrition on Nov 27, 2021. There will be a Press Release followed by the Book Launch. This book is all about Nutrition, where you will get complete knowledge regarding Diet, Macros and Micro, etc., in your daily food.

He is very passionate about fitness and has drafted this book with a motive to help everyone get fit and healthy. His motive in life is to motivate people to lead healthy and fit life.

This book has been created after long research and personal experiences. Mrinal has gone through a massive transformation in his life from being 130kgs to 75kgs in just two years. This is something to admire and appreciate. This transformation helped him in understanding the importance of fitness and clean eating. After trying almost everything available on the Internet for weight loss, he understood that only two things could help you achieve your fitness goal. They are: right eating habits and being active.

This transformation began his journey of doing self-research and finding out all the necessary information and insight regarding this. So, in this book, he is presenting all the right knowledge regarding the food brought to you with the motive of making everyone fit and healthy.

He has already helped more than 50,000 people transform themselves by just following the diets and exercise regime shared over his Instagram handle, which still helps more and more people regularly.

He does not even charge a single penny for this. All his diets, tips, and exercise regime shared on his Instagram handle are absolutely free and easily accessible by everyone. More people can benefit from it, and he can accomplish his goal of making people fit and healthy.

He is a true believer in staying away from faded diets, magic pills and shakes. Thus, this book has been written to make everyone aware of what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat.

He shares the diet that everyone can follow and is easy to make using our Indian household ingredients. Being a Punjabi, he is a true foodie. Thus, he believes strongly in homemade Indian food. He is a founder of a Nutrition Brand Protein Mantra/NM Nutrition, still does not promote any supplements.

According to him, 90% of our weight loss or fat loss journey can be achieved in our kitchen. If we eat clean and healthy, we will reach our goal to be fit and healthy.

It takes time but consistency and will power is the key to success. Our eating can not be changed overnight, but we can definitely achieve a clean and healthy eating habit by incorporating small changes in our diet. We just need to see what we are eating and how much, that’s it. You do not need to stop eating your favourite pizza or burger; you just need to count the calorie intake you are taking with it. This knowledge can be acquired by understanding that particular food item’s macros, micros, and other elements. This can be easily done if you simply read and understand the basic idea of identifying and calculating it by reading this book.

Need more reason to look forward to this launch? So here it is… Mrinal is the second author to launch a detailed book on Nutrition in India.

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