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Shabnam Zaheer – A Talented Writer



Born and brought up in Pune, Shabnam zaheer is an writer  she was started writing quotes, poetry when she was at the age of 13.

In this article we must discuss about how shabnam zaheer work hard with at most determination to reach her predefined goals without his efforts it would not have been possible for him to reach such heights 

Being a multi talented individual Shabnam zaheer has always focused on becoming a doctor .

Obviously ,It is impossible for people to become a doctor unless & until they are think smart work hard on it .

Shabnam zaheer has compiled 2 anthologies and has worked along with several other authors 

Shabnam zaheer would never certainly back down .His aim right now uplift all thing that she want & contribute her works as much as possible .

To be exact ,Shabnam zaheer is not just a simple writer She writes a lot of shayaries most of the time .This is why she has achieved or gained the nickname of being Shabnam bagwan 

Besides being an author ,let us not forget that Shabnam is an eminent personality who is also multi talented .She was also good in arts she has so much creativity that can be easily impress a person .One more interesting fact about her was,she passed SSLC after 14 years of marriage and she was does degree and also have  certificate of being the best writer .

She published a lot of solo books named by 

(Ishq ke sab rang)




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