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Stayway Homes – Nagpur’s first co-living



Stayway homes was coined by Nikhil Tripathi & Rohit Pingale on 15th October 2020. They aimed to provide quality living with a luxury stay at the cost of PG to millennials in the city of Nagpur amid Pandemic so that the frictions of the traditional living experience are removed, and the city dwellers are ensured with the new standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Currently, the start-up operates with over 50 beds but is claiming to lock over 1000 beds within the City of Nagpur by the year-end of 2022.

Co-living is the new term of an old concept of housing where the city dwellers opt to live in the common space and shared community set up as in PGs to make it serve the comfort of an individual while giving the secure feeling of a community to support. With the surge of individuals in the metro cities for work and education, at times, the affordability and the quality of living stands as a significant problem for the dwellers. They also face difficulty finding a suitable home to stay in, which has witnessed a spurt in the co-living options in the metro cities. 

Nikhil Tripathi & Rohit Pingale have established Stayway homes in Nagpur to make the accommodation convenient for working individuals and students close to their workspace with privacy and security and bringing down the cost. Stayway homes have become a blessing and a saviour for such dwellers in Nagpur that opt to cut down their cost of living if they don’t wish to rent an entire apartment. Stayway homes are the new face of urban room sharing with a fully furnished room, shared common areas, wifi facility, 24X7 power backup so that the dwellers feel at home with the community’s safety in Nagpur.

Nikhil adds, “Everyone has their own dreams and goals for what they wish to accomplish in life and at times moving to another city away from family becomes the need of the hour. However, few city dwellers visit a new city with excitement but end up with a thrilling experience. It becomes stressful when they land themselves in rented houses of obstructive landlords or lifeless boxes called PGs with ‘not go to’ room partners or flatmates as its vital to be selective who you spend your time with. Nobody cares and eventually their dream remains unfulfilled. With a visualization of change, we spare no effort to provide them with their first home and friend in the city to ‘stay’ and a community to call ‘home’ and be with them on their journey towards the accomplishment of their dreams and goals. We design our spaces with utmost care and a sense of belonging so that they can stay with the freedom and feel like their own home with.”

Stayway homes allow you to live a life that’s not just affordable but comes with higher quality amenities and services with the option of rent sharing. You can avail yourself of the freedom to live independently without household chores and maintenance, along with the comfort of a safe and sanitized environment. The occupants are provided with the opportunity to socialize and have regular interaction with each other, which helps one overcome the problem of loneliness and mental disturbance. Various community events are organized so that the social engagement between the residents is improved. Tapping into today’s plug and play trend of living, Stayway homes strive to create an environment that’s lifestyle-focused so that every modern city dweller meets new people that helps them learn, innovate, and collaborate for various aspects of life and work.

Nagpur is a growing and centrally located smart city that is well known for its sustainable living. With significant advancement in infrastructure development and living standards, Nagpur has been rated as one of the best cities for moving with the purpose of a job, education, and living. This makes Nagpur the best and safe city to live in India that’s progressive towards healthier and sustainable living areas. Witnessing the sustainable living in Nagpur Stayway homes are gearing up to expand its wings within Nagpur with 1000 plus beds in different properties. It had paved its way to come out on top by providing world-class quality living to all millennials at an affordable cost.

City dwellers do not have to worry before moving to Nagpur for better life opportunities, busting the myth of expensive city living.

Stayway home has eased the life of city dwellers at nominal cost without sky-high rent prices and other expenses. It is the latest 2.0 version of co-living concepts. 

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