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The AMYRA Store – Elevate styling with an Indian Flair



The AMYRA Store – Priyanka and Jatin’s brainchild

The founders of the luxury accessory brand AMYRA, Priyanka & Jatin exude enthusiasm and show their commitment to success. Priyanka is driven by a strong desire to use her excellent sense of aesthetics in design to produce something valuable. India boasts a vast assortment of joyous, luxurious, and alluring aesthetics, especially in terms of designs, prints, fabrics, and more. Priyanka was constantly motivated to learn more and more about it, and while doing so, she discovered her passion and talent for design. Driven by his deep interest and zeal for entrepreneurship, Jatin, an IIT Madras alumnus, wants to grow AMYRA into a global luxury brand. With prior experience of working with multiple fortune 500 companies in the field of data science & finance, Jatin incorporates those learnings to keep building a sound business as the backbone of AMYRA. Together, they ace in their respective verticals to raise the bar to where it is now.

About the brand

For women who want to enjoy the elegance of Indian accessories without sacrificing quality, Amyra, which was launched toward the end of 2018, provides a variety of sumptuous products. With the opulent assortment of clutches, handbags and potlis that Amyra offers, women may accessorise with total confidence. The enticing collection from Amyra is available at several prestigious online retailers and grand boutiques in every major city. The brand employs a team of experts with unrivalled skills who strive for perfection at every turn.

The journey towards establishing AMYRA

The brand’s creative force, Priyanka, is deeply interested in learning about India’s unique culture and rich fashion history. She had the chance to learn about design aesthetics while working in the field after earning her degree in commerce from MOP Vaishnav College in Chennai. She developed a solid awareness of various textures, prints, patterns, and other design elements while working for her parents’ clothes manufacturing business. In 2014, she started experimenting with making fabric bags. As soon as Priyanka shared her first collection under the brand AMYRA, customers overwhelmed her with love and support. IIT Madras alumnus Jatin shared Priyanka’s passion for creating something unique, and together they took the plunge & formally founded Amyra to build it into a well-known luxury brand globally. They seek to recreate the tradition of

Indian ladies who have always been fashionable in every way with the unmatched choices at Amyra.

Founder’s Inspiration and Mission

The founders’ primary source of inspiration for creating the extensive and beautiful collection of clutches and handbags is the cultural dressing of Indian women. The skilled craftspeople at Amyra have decades of experience working in the same industry. Each piece is a work of art, making it impossible to resist buying any of them. The primary goal of creating this brand was to influence how the current generation perceives the vibrant history of Indian textiles.

Even though the market is flooded with uncountable options, they lack the same quality as genuine Indian crafts. Thus, to elevate styling with an Indian touch, Priyanka took the wonderful initiative to present an extensive range of high-quality products that prove to be indispensable to every woman’s wardrobe.

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