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The story of Rjay Mangkhom from Rajikant Mangkhom: 24-year-old Delhi-based Rapper, Singer, and lyricist.



They say, “No dream and passion is big and impossible enough, if you believe in it,” indeed true. 

We all love to hear success stories that keep charging us with different vibes and inspirations, especially about our passion. Yes, such as the story of multi-talented and renowned Artist Rjay, a singer and a rapper, and a lyricist. His unconditional love towards music since childhood knew no bounds, which steered him into the path of success, landing him on the spectrum he was passionate about. There is something special in his journey which every youngster must know who is passionate about music.

Rajikant Mangkhom (Born 13th June 1997), popularly known as RJaY Mangkhom, is a Delhi-based Rapper, Singer, Songwriter who originally hails from Manipur. RJaY was always inclined to music since his childhood, and that is when he discovered his love and passion for music at the age of 12; since then, he has always been determined and left no stone unturned in his transition from power to the profession. It all began in his school days in Guwahati when he and two of his friends decided to get started with a boy band called LILT (Lame Idiots Like Them). Unfortunately, the trio and their three-piece teenager band could not elevate in music and had to take one’s leave to pursue higher studies. All three enthusiastic rapper chose their path and profession. So, eventually, RJaY started his Journey as Solo Artist from New Delhi. 

He says, “Success is bound to kiss your feet only if you do not give up on your dreams and passion.”

Currently, the Artist is known for his live gigs and shows all across India. He has also released four singles in 2020 Under “The Independent Label Unpolish Miracle Records,” based In Manipur with a motto of giving wings to a passion embedded with the rhythm and wave in which every dreamer floats with the notes. Unpolished Miracle Records is a group of young creative minds colliding with the same reason of frequency that strives to promote and express hidden arts scattered all over the air. They aim to encourage Artists to dream big with a correct set of guidance so that they can foster their passion and soar higher.

Rjay says, “Everyone is a gifted soul with unique talents, the only difference being some excels early and some polish it later. We are a team comprised of spirits with a solo goal to unfurl and rule the world.”

Life does not run without obstacles. However, that obstacle falls short if your intentions are pure towards your goal. Rjay’s passion for music was incredible who has grown up listening, humming, and chanting any English or Hindi Songs. He has always worshipped music, and this helped him to create a rapport facilitating social interaction. His music has a separate zest that allows him to connect with his audience.

Rjay has earned all the success through a tireless hustle. He developed a different fan base across the country with a unique persona added to his music which remained highly awe-inspiring and unmatchable. His incredible journey of overpowering any and every blockage in the path of transition from passion to the profession is something to be cheered by all budding singing enthusiasts. He remained authentic and grounded with his fans and followers, and this attitude earned him respect and fame all the more.

To conclude, when hard work, talent, and passion come together, an artist like Rjay is formed. Spread the word and show some love. He is available on all social media platforms. You can follow him on Instagram or Facebook.



RJaY recently recorded his new singles “Life So Good, “Produced By CG Beats, on 26th July 2021. The Song Is Based On Young Energetic Love to give what his loved ones truly deserve.

You can also listen to the release of his new singles on his Youtube channel. 


His previous releases include the following rap songs available on his official YouTube channel.

Back On The Track: 

Let It Go: Let It Go: 

Where Did You Go: 


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