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A bootstrap hero: From service industry to service startup.



Today our entrepreneur, Akash Shrivastava, is an aspiring saga of tech. Mr Akash has always been keen on technology. After many ideas, executions, and trials, Akash launched Lorro.

LORRO started back in 2017 when the concept of quick commerce was missing in the city of Gwalior MP, where our founder belonged.

As Brian Halligan says, “imagine the future and fill in the gaps”.

Being a tech-savvy engineer who thinks outside the box became Akash’s strength. The creativity marked with enthusiasm and possibilities is what Akash Shrivastava has shared about LORRO, reflecting on his journey.

The story of LORRO began when Mr Akash was in his full-time job. He paved his way in the quick commerce industry, where he tested and noticed many loopholes, which is why, after being in a corporate for a long time, Akash decided to contribute to developing its non-metropolitan city.

We asked a few questions to understand his journey to share will all of you. Here it’s briefed:

What was the toughest obstacle you overcame while developing LORRO, and how?

Apart from finance, the upmost challenging part was educating about the services to the target market. The reason was people had trust in what they used to see. On-demand home service was very new for Gwaliorites. To make them educate and understand what LORRO does, it roughly took 18 months.

Do you consider yourself to be a successful entrepreneur?

The definitions of Entrepreneur are Numerous. Every entrepreneur is successful in their way. Considering the term, I would like to say that I am learning, experimenting, and performing every day with no weekends off.

Overcoming obstacles and challenges while gaining different experiences continuously; is what a successful entrepreneur means to me.

How did you make an impact on the industry using the name LORRO? How was it perceived initially?

It was a bit difficult to launch LORRO in a non-metropolitan city, but I’m pleased I did it. I’ve helped the economy by creating jobs on both sides of the company. One side uses technology to serve the community, while the other side gives more than 60% of the city’s professionals job opportunities.

Gwalior’s lifestyle is improving each day, purpose of Lorro is to enhance the network and ecosystem by offering 24*7 services.

The reason Lorro is a part of quick commerce, is our customers do not have to wait for reference to call and book to be on the waitlist, we have eliminated that. Customers need to click on the app and get the service professional at their location within a very short time.

What is your outlook on building any startup?

I believe the corporate experience you carry, is what highly matters. I spent over 9 years in IT. Your attitude should be very adaptive while building something on your own. I bootstrapped LORRO. First, I thought to check if the idea is likeable by its target audience. The moment I realized that it was working, I started working hard on it to it to the next level.

In a short period, LORRO has emerged as an exquisite go-to service for Gwaliorites. As an entrepreneur, Akash’s vision to expand to an unrivalled level of growth in the service industry throughout India continues. 

You can reach to Akash Shrivastava here:

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