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Click2Online: Revolutionising Online Business Education in India




In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for online sellers in India. Recognizing this need, Rushabh Buricha, the founder of Click2Online, has established a groundbreaking platform that equips sellers with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in the world of e-commerce. With a track record of success and an unwavering commitment to education, Click2Online is revolutionising online business education across the country.

Click2Online, founded in 2020, boasts an impressive array of credentials. As an official Amazon SPN (Service Provider Network), Amazon ATES (Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist), Amazon Verified Partner, and Amazon Global Solution, they have earned the trust and recognition of industry leaders. Additionally, their strategic partnerships with Meesho, Jio Mart, and Flipkart have further strengthened their position as a leading authority in the online marketplace ecosystem.

The primary objective of Click2Online is to educate and empower online sellers in India. Rushabh Buricha, with his extensive experience in account management for over 2000 sellers, recognized the need to share his wealth of knowledge with a broader audience. This realisation led to the development of the Mastermind Learning Course, a comprehensive program designed to help sellers navigate the complexities of online business successfully.

The Mastermind Learning Course offered by Click2Online is a game-changer for sellers aspiring to make a mark in the competitive e-commerce space. Through pre-recorded in-depth videos and interactive lectures, sellers gain access to invaluable insights on selling techniques, account management strategies, and market dynamics. The course is thoughtfully crafted to address the common pain points faced by online sellers, enabling them to overcome challenges and achieve exponential growth.

Click2Online’s impact is not just limited to education. With more than 1000 students already benefiting from the Mastermind Learning Course, the success stories speak volumes about the efficacy of their approach. Over 100 sellers have achieved annual earnings in crores, while an impressive 250 sellers have surpassed the 50 lakh revenue milestone, all thanks to the knowledge imparted through the course. Click2Online’s commitment to affordability ensures that sellers from all walks of life can access the program and transform their businesses.

To complement their educational efforts, Click2Online actively engages with their audience through their Instagram account, By following them on this platform, sellers gain daily access to insightful content that delves into various aspects of online business management. This dynamic learning experience keeps sellers informed and empowers them to stay ahead in the ever-changing online marketplace landscape.

In conclusion, Click2Online, led by visionary founder Rushabh Buricha, is reshaping the online business education landscape in India. Through their Mastermind Learning Course and strategic partnerships, they are empowering online sellers with the knowledge and tools required to succeed in the digital era. With Click2Online’s comprehensive educational offerings and commitment to affordability, the future looks bright for Indian sellers seeking to establish and grow their online businesses.

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