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This is in reference to the DRONE TRAINING CIRCULAR DTC 1 of 2021 DRAFT announced by the Director-General of Civil Aviation of India (DGCA). The drone industry has revolutionised the way numerous operations and tasks are performed all around the globe. As by words of Honourable PM of India Shri Narendra Modi – India has the potential to be the world leader in this industry, and it’s his vision to make that happen. The applications and uses of Drones are numerous spread over several different sectors few of them are – 

  • Military
  • Agriculture
  • Land survey and mapping
  • Deliveries of medicines and packages. 
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Disaster Management
  • Port management
  • Videography and more


Drones have been part of military operations since the early 1900s. Since then, the technology in drones has changed drastically. Today advanced software and sensors are essential features of a drone. Flying a drone requires skill and necessary knowledge for the safety of the pilot and anyone or anything in the flying path. This makes training of drone pilots with the quality process very crucial.  


The eligibility for becoming a certified drone pilot for an individual is to pass the 10th Standard in English Medium and age of 18+ years. 

The course we have developed is in collaboration with Gujarat Technical University GTU – AHMEDABAD. All the training details will be curated as per the standards of DGCA. Drones have different categories as fixed-wing, multi-rotor both of which will have separate training processes and equipments.  

This customised course will have theoretical and practical sessions to thoroughly understand and learn the operation of drones, tests and field flying sessions to give a total learning experience. There is no need to own a drone for this course. All the collective and subjective material will be provided to each individual participant. 


Theory sessions will cover all the laws and guidelines formed by the Government of India and DGCA regarding the flying of drones in Indian airspace.

Study about different kinds of drones, their applications and in-depth knowledge about their functioning.

Emergency protocols to be followed under any circumstances which compromise the safety of life will be presented to the best of knowledge by our experienced trainers.


Each trainee will get hands-on all equipment that makes a drone, and with an experienced engineer, they will be informed about the role of each part in detail. 

Assembling of a drone will be the core part of lab sessions; each trainee will get to assemble their own drone with all spare parts provided by our team.

Battery charging, maintenance of drone and its spares, carrying the equipment, radio communications, fail-safe process, remote control charging, motor checks are the important subjects of lab sessions. 


Simulation training will help trainees to understand controls better; each individual will be given hours of simulation training before flying a drone on the field. This helps them to gain confidence and gives them time to clear their doubts. 

On-field training will be held at a designated flying area where all the trainees will be provided with DGCA certified drones to fly and operate with expert trainers who will provide all necessary guidance.

Field flying sessions will be conducted as per standards issued by DGCA, where all the trainees will be provided with the necessary knowledge and expertise to fly a drone safely.

A test will be conducted after sessions to evaluate trainees’ progress throughout the training, and required guidance and attention will be provided to all the individuals.


With eligibility of 10th pass English medium and 18+ years of age, the gates are wide open for emerging youth of the country. Drone pilots are the need of the hour. A large number of companies are looking for pilots as well the government has initiated projects which need pilots at large. 

Our company will also be providing opportunities to pilots trained with us with job offers from different areas and industries. Once the training ends, a group will be formed wherein open job postings will be shared, and individuals can apply with our reference. This way, we will assist both the pilots and the entity looking for them.


The vision with this training drone pilots program is to give India a head start in this industry and have an advantage over the world in terms of adapting revolutionary applications of drones. Drones are going to change the way humans interact with automation. Vaccines to Military packages to Body transplants to Pizza, everything can be delivered via a drone, and this is just 1% of the drone’s capability. Giving India the best drone pilots who have the expertise and are capable of making India the leader in the Drone Industry is the goal. 


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