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Mr. Daniel George is an Indian self-made Business Owner, born and brought up in Karnal, Haryana. After Schooling, he relocated to Chennai, Tamil Nadu for higher studies in Nautical Science based on Merchant Navy Deck Cadet Officer. He was an Average Student from a Middle-class family.

Daniel had lost his passion for Merchant Navy. However, what kept him motivated was imbibing the quotes of famous business leaders.

I wanted to be a big man. “Bachpan se bahut Bura Samay Dekhatha” (Have seen tough times since childhood), and so my only passion was to make more money and live a comfortable life. My parents thought if I did MERCHANT NAVY, I’ll get a high-paying job and life would be settled. But that didn’t happen.

Daniel tells Entrepreneur Stories

In a conversation with Entrepreneur Stories, Daniel gives us the answer to ‘Recruitment Business’, realizing that not everybody is lucky enough to get high-paying jobs, Daniel decided to quit his Job midway and started his Own Company from his house in starting without any team or backup support. 

However, his parents were Supportive But relatives taunted him every day, but Daniel was smart enough to ignore everyone and focus on scaling his business. 

Seeing a Merchant Navy man Switch his job and start something from zero, many people were intrigued by his company which had started to become popular. However, Daniel didn’t know how to make Business in Starting days, he messed up with Unprofessional behaviour with his International Clients. But gradually, he acquired BUSINESS skills.

Daniel noted that a Recruitment business in the Middle East will always succeed, taking the example of premium Recruitment Companies that started way earlier.


He Started his First job in Dubai, UAE at the age of 19 and started his own Company at 23.






Snapchat: @Dgeorge1995


Full Name: Daniel George

Date Of Birth: 07/07/1995

Siblings: 1 (Elder Brother)

Hobbies: Sports Activities/ Dance/ Singing/ Drawing

Relationship Status: Single

Height: 5.11 Feet’s

Favourite Colour: Black & White

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