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Hindustan Metro and Punjab Bytes have emerged as two of the most trusted news sites in India says Founder Shivam Madaan



Hindustan Metro and Punjab Bytes have emerged as the one stop news websites for internet users not only in India, but also many other countries as they are not limited to any one category. It offers useful and latest information about the current affairs, entertainment world, Political, sports, fashion, health, brands, influential personalities and many more.

Hindustan Metro has received traffic on its official site that has exceeded expectations by a huge number as users find it easy to navigate and read through the news based on their interests. Punjab Bytes regular posts and trending updates have created a strong hold on the readers. The content in both Hindustan Metro and Punjab Bytes is presented in to the point and just what the users want format. It saves time and makes navigation easy.

The main and common goal of Hindustan Metro and Punjab Bytes is to inform people about the latest news from all parts of India and as much as possible from other countries too. Many famous and reputed persons have shared praises about Hindustan Metro and are in awe of Punjab Bytes. The major point is that everyone finds news from the group they like. The overall growth of these news portals is certainly on the way as they get more hits everyday than the previous day.

People greatly benefit from these two sites as they are the real source of news that the people can relate to as complex events are broken down to simple forms to present quality content. Only factually correct information is shared on these news sites and they provide highly trusted content.

“We have laid special emphasis on the quality and speed of content posting,” explains the reputed freelance journalist and digital PR expert Shivam Madaan from Punjab, who is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Hindustan Metro and Punjab Bytes.

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