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Hope, Positivity, and Inspiration are souls of my writing: Gyanesh Sahu.



Gyanesh Sahu, a young budding author from steel city Bhilai Chhattisgarh, feels that everyone should get inspired and motivated after reading his novels. This is the reason why he keeps the elements of start-ups and spirituality in his stories. 

Gyanesh Sahu started his writing career when he was pursuing his post-graduation from National Insurance Academy, Pune. He penned down all the learnings from his failed start-up “Sadda Bazaar” and mixed them up with fictional characters. He came up with the ‘Start a start-up from Start’ novel. The readers appreciated his A to G approach.  .


After getting published for the first time, he inclined towards the literature world. He has written various short stories and poems in English as well as Hindi. He has been featured by multiple newspapers and channels for his entrepreneurial and literature works. 

Recently he has come with his first Hindi Novel ‘Googly’ published by Rajpal Publications, which is based on friendship, love, and cricket. It’s a nostalgic story that will take you to your school and early college days. The story starts with the 2007 world cup and ends with the 2011 world cup. So, the struggle of all characters revolves around cricket and the world cup. Since it’s a nostalgic story, Gyanesh has mentioned his birthplace Bhilai prominently in his novel. 

According to Gyanesh, it took around two years to write the complete manuscript of Googly. He researched world-cup matches also so that they can be appropriately used in the story. He also came up with exciting chapter names which are riming with each other. Like “result ka bukhar”, “wo nya nya pyar.”

Gyanesh thinks that writing chapter names is essential because it lures the readers to finish in one sitting. 

Gyanesh believes that one should read enough books before writing anything. Writing is a craft that can’t be taught easily. It comes with the experience. Gyanesh has read more than 50 Hindi novels before writing his first Hindi novel Googly. 

Right now, Gyanesh has been working in an IT company for more than two years. After working for 10 hours, he reads and writes at night. He has a simple formula that if you love something, then you will find time for it. 

Shortly, he wants to write for movies and OTT platforms also. He thinks, now authors are getting enough opportunities to express themselves through various writing applications, audiobooks, and other media. 

Apart from the literature world, he wants to travel all the world. He feels exploring the world will give you enough experience to write down in your story because you get to know about various diversities across the globe. It helps to create different kinds of characters as well as readers also enjoy reading about other places. 

You can know more about Gyanesh’s work by purchasing this Hindi novel ‘Googly’ by clicking on this link. 


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