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Renowned Islamic Scholar and the Chairman of the Zahra Foundation Sayed Mohammed Makhdum Meet Shaikh Professor Dr.Ali Gomaa, former Grand Mufti of Egypt to Discuss future plans of Zahra Foundation.

Egypt, Cairo – Shaikh Professor Dr.Ali Gomaa, a renowned Islamic scholar and a former Grand Mufti of Egypt, met with Sayed Mohammed Makhdum, the chairman of the Zahra Foundation, to discuss how to serve the Muslim community around the world through a research program based on an authoritative exegesis of the Holy Quran by Shaikh Ismail Shihabudheen, a well-known Islamic scholar of Kerala, India.

Sayed Mohammed Makhdum presented his ideas for the Zahra Foundation at the meeting, which aims to help underprivileged Muslim communities with services like education and healthcare. In order to make sure that the Foundation’s initiatives are sensitive to cultural differences and consistent with Islamic principles, he underlined the significance of collaborating with religious authorities like Shaikh Ali Gomaa.

Sayed Mohammed Makhdum stated, “Zahra Foundation is committed to aiding the Muslim community and addressing their needs, particularly in places where they experience marginalisation or prejudice.” We think that cooperating with reputable Islamic experts like Shaikh Ali Gomaa is essential to completing our task successfully.

Shaikh Ali Gomaa complimented the Zahra Foundation’s efforts and proclaimed his support for their goal. He pointed out that the Foundation’s focus on healthcare and education is consistent with Islamic beliefs, which place a premium on knowledge and the protection of human life. Shaikh Ali Gomaa remarked, “I am glad to see the Zahra Foundation’s commitment to assisting the Muslim community and provide desperately needed services. I’m eager to collaborate with them to make sure that their initiatives are based on Islamic principles and advance societal progress.

In order to solve the needs of marginalised groups, cooperation between civil society organisations and religious leaders is crucial, as demonstrated by the meeting between Sayed Mohammed Makhdum and Shaikh Ali Gomaa. Partnerships with reputable Islamic scholars like Shaikh Ali Gomaa will be essential to the Zahra Foundation’s activities as it continues to grow them.

The Zahra Foundation also conducts significant research projects to advance the comprehension of Islamic teachings in addition to its programmes. The Ala Hamishi Thafaseer, an authoritative exegesis of the Holy Quran by Shaikh Ismail Shihabudheen, is one such undertaking. With the intention of fostering a greater understanding of the Quran and its teachings, this study is currently being investigated at numerous Indian universities as well as the International Islamic University Malaysia.

Sayed Mohammed Makhdum stated, “We think that fostering peace and understanding among people of all religions and cultures depends on comprehending the Quran and its teachings. We are happy to promote the study of and spread of the Ala Hamishi Thafaseer since we think it will significantly advance Islamic learning.

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