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On a Mission to Make Every Stock Trader Financially Independent: Stox Master



Stox Master is India’s fastest growing stock market training academy which is in a pursuit to make every stock trader financially independent by trading stocks with proper technical analysis knowledge in the share market. 

Stox Master launches A-Z technical analysis course on stock market trading where you will learn profitable ways of trading stocks from 10+ years of proficient and skilled mentors.  

Prashant Singh Chundawat, the founder of Stox Master, along with his friend Suparva Khatri established the company with an expedition to make people financially independent by teaching proper technical analysis in the stock market.

Mr. Chundawat is a man with many hats. Apart from Stox Master, he is the founder of P9 Labs- Software Development Co and also the Co-Founder of Good CA – Online accounting Co. Prashant created a YouTube channel “Stox Master ” to provide free technical analysis to people as he understands how important is technical analysis to trade in markets.

Your Learning Allyc- Stox Master. 

Prashant Singh established Stox Master on 16 December 2017 with a pursuit to provide an step by step technical analysis education on one to one basis so that each stock trader becomes financially independent and self-sufficient. 

To date, Stox Master has provided training to 10,000+ members in paid training and free training to 5,00,000+ members through StoxMaster’s Youtube Channel.

With decades of experience StoxMaster team has developed  A-Z technical analytical course which provide step by step training from beginner to advance level. StoxMaster has team of mentors with 10+ years of experience and covers topics such as Intraday trading, Candlestick charts, Ichimoku Trading System, Futures & Options, Stock filtration techniques, Options Chain Analysis, Fundamental Analysis

Stox Master provides one year of access to a entire course, free educational research calls, a private group community, and dedicated 24*7 live support through Whatsapp and telegram. 

Mission & Intuition.

Stox Master is committed to make every stock trader financially headstrong using the right technical analysis so that they can make a steady and continuous income from trading stocks with Stoxmaster’s technical program.

The Founder. 

Prashant Singh Chundawat, the founder of Stox Master, established the company to stake his expertise on the stock market.

Prashant was born on 7th Jan 1991 and has completed his B.Tech in mechanical engineering from the University of Pune, MS in Mechanical Engineering from California State University, Long Beach, and MS in Data Analytics from California State University, Long Beach.

Before going to the USA for MS in early 2014, he set foot in the stock market with an initial investment of ₹20,000 without any prior knowledge. Seeing Profits He further increased his investment to ₹1 lakh in part and made it two folds in just 3 months. Prashant discerned his foremost triumph and procured conviction.  His father granted him ₹20 lakhs for higher studies in the USA. But he invested all that money in stocks and made a massive loss of 15 lakhs. This feat taught him a big lesson – Without knowledge one cannot make money in stock market. 

Afresh 2 years in 2016, he came back to trading after acquiring proper knowledge and training and made a fortune investing in stocks. Intending to give back to society, Prashant & Suparva started Stox Master in 2017 with a mission to make the people learn the right way to make enough money using technical analysis tools and become financially independent.

In 2019, Prashant quit his high-paying job in the USA and came back to his village Rampur in the state of Rajasthan. 

When Prashant is not managing his multiple businesses online, he has a habit of doing organic farming, teaching organic farming to others and doing social work in his village Rampur.

Handout Training.

Stox Master pioneered its YouTube Channel ” Stox Master ” to offer free and unbound  educational content on the stock market and also offer free webinars to upskill you with something new every day. Till date More than 5,00,000+ members are trained for free  on YouTube and other social media channels.

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