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Prakrta – India’s 1st 100% natural edible-grade baby skin care brand



What is Prakrta?

Prakrta, a domestic brand founded in 2014 make products that are not only 100% natural but are also nourishing for skin. The company’s goal is to create natural, safe, healthy products both for children and adults without any harmful chemicals. Prakrta is the first brand in India and one the few in the world to make  all natural food-grade baby skincare products that nourish a child’s skin optimally and are safe even if a baby ingests small amounts due to sucking of thumb or toes. Scientific studies have also shown that because a new born’s skin is much thinner than adult skin and absorbs much more of what is put on it, that too has pushed them to use natural and food-grade ingredients for baby line.  The brand’s founders are equally passionate about their commitment to sustainability.  While they try to bring nature’s magic into everyone’s daily life, they do it in eco-friendly packaging without putting the environment at risk. 

About the founders 

The dream of two sisters, Rupam Singh and Anupam Singh, today there is this incredibly loving pure natural skincare brand known as Prakrta. Anupam Singh, a is a Brand and marketing professional with a master’s degree in biotechnology and business and more than ten years of experience in brand and product management in MNCs and Start-ups. Rupam, a mother of two and a commerce graduate, gave up her career to bring up her two daughters. They teamed up to launch Prakrta. Prakrta, which both sisters worked tirelessly to create, is undoubtedly the fulfilment of their aspirations.

Brand’s journey and products

Borne of personal need, Prakrta is a true home grown brand. It did not start-off as a commercial set-up but was in fact a project run from a little corner of the kitchen. Rupam’s younger daughter was about 6 months old when she was diagnosed with paediatric eczema. A very uncomfortable, acute dry itchy skin condition

After struggling with it for a few months, fortunately, she met a dermatologist who guided her to go use only traditional, time-tested, natural products on the child , “just what your grandma would use” , basically neem leaf bath instead of soap and virgin coconut oil as the moisturizer.

That was the turning point. She switched to these natural products for the little one and in a matter of months her eczema was much better controlled. 

After experiencing such fantastic results, the sister duo Rupam and Anupam were now absolutely devoted to researching more natural skincare alternatives and found themselves making products like body butters, Ubtan, Face oil, Hair oil etc for friends, family and neighbours. It was after 4 years of product research and customer feedback, that Prakrta, the brand was established – with a serious intention and a whole lot of passion. 

Today it is a growing D2C brand that sells through their own website – , on marketplaces like Amazon, Big Basket, and those focused on sustainability like Amala Earth, Root Natural, SustainKart, and many others.

Mission and Vision

Borne of a mother’s love and a personal need, the brand’s mission is simple – Make only natural, safe, nourishing, toxin-free skin and hair care products accessible to everyone. And for little babies nothing less than edible-grade quality. Prakrta hopes to spread awareness on the need to switch to natural and pure alternatives that over time will improve the overall skin health and keep allergies to a minimum. A more permanent remedy versus a temporary fix to skin issues


Nature offers a solution for many skin-related problem we have. We humans are only discovering the magical ingredients in nature that have the power to  heal and nourish any skin type. Prakrta as a unique skin-nutrition brand offers products that can make your skincare regime become a rather healthy skin ritual. This concept is essentially the company’s guiding principle.

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