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Redefining beauty with Diva Queen ! Not to be missed



Coming up in Kolkata is the second edition of Diva Queen, sponsored by Mahatirtho Sindoor, one of Bengal’s most trusted and heritage brands manufacturing vermillion and other items considered as a signature of a married Hindu woman, is an unique beauty contest that just not renders importance to the outer glamour of a woman but also seeks to peek into her innards which formulates her humanness ! 

Contestants from across India are selected through an online audition comprising of a basic Q/A round where experts from the panel conduct a brain mapping of the participant by prodding on aspects such as the knack of team work , adjustability tendencies , consistency, depth, ability to decode and execute tasks and aptitude . The behavioral pattern of the incumbent is also followed in details! The selected candidates are then called for an extensive grooming session comprising of classes in personal care , health and welness , acting , public speaking and code of conduct, basic etiquettes and the ability to self introduce oneself in public , hair and make up tips, costume and self dressing sense , mental welness and lots more. The selected candidates thereafter are taken for photoshoots and video shoots in gorgeous costumes and finally produced on stage at the finals ! As they elegantly cat walk down the ramp in their gorgeous costumes the judges panel marks them on the basis of their stage presence, ability to speak and answer questions keeping a calm head and various other soft skill aspects. The transformation from being a raw and uncut diamond into one that is impeccably placed on the shelf under the spotlight for all to see and cherish is a priceless journey that every candidate goes through and this is what makes Diva Queen an unforgettable memory book for each contestant and her family! 

Apart from the regular proceedings , this season Diva Queen has confirmed two special rounds involving victims of domestic violence and other forms of abuse , a step to promote social and moral awareness in general !  

Iterating upon the need to build such a platform , the organizer Piu Majumder Banerjea maintains , “social awareness is a necessity and glamour is an option ! If one could be promoted by taking help of the other , the outcome is a beautiful lesson on social upgradation in a not to be easily forgotten platter ! “

Diva Queen as a beauty contest does not in any way support women objectification of the body and hence doesn’t consider parameters like height , weight and complexion as worthy of attention. It is a fair platform for ladies between 18 to 45 years of age to come up on this glamourous podium and express themselves in their truest selves and not worry about numeric results ! Everyone is a winner once she joins Diva Queen! From social media promotions to magazine shoots, photoshoots and brand shoots this contest is surely going to change the course of your career of the participant is serious !

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