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Youngest dropshipping entrepreneur –Vaibhav Pudke



Vaibhav pudke is a 22-year-old entrepreneur who leveraged his unique Dropshipping and Internet Marketing Skills to scale businesses worldwide. At the young age of 22, he attained significant knowledge and specific talent in Internet Marketing.

Vaibhav pudke Founder and CEO of ECOMMAFIA, Top Marketing Agency. He is dropshipping & Facebook Ads Specialist. His inspiring story will surely encourage one to be the best version of themselves.

The Internet has revolutionized the world around us. But it still works as a tool in our hands and depends on how we use it. Where many of us are using it as a way of entertainment, people like Vaibhav are making a fortune out of it just by thinking out of the box. With his innovative approach to technology, Vaibhav has become one of the Top Internet Marketers in India and has successfully scaled his Internet Marketing Agency, ECOMMAFIA, to 6 figures, which sits at around $100,000 annual revenue.

Vaibhav pudke is an Internet geek; he launched his very first website at the very young age of 19. His quest to learn and apply his practical knowledge helped him become a self-independent and successful entrepreneur.

A born internet geek, Vaibhav pudke spent most of his time studying Internet trends. The more he learned about the Internet, the more he understood online marketing and the vast possibilities of money-making as he became competent in this trade and was already making a fortune through multiple streams of income online, including his Cryptocurrency, Blogs, Drop-shipping, and Affiliate Marketing.


As nothing comes without hard work and dedication, Vaibhav’s life was too full of hardships. For a youngster like him, it was the most challenging decision of his life to choose between formal education and chasing his dreams; however, the latter worked out in his favour. Although self-learning isn’t an easy job, you see many failures, and if your approach is correct, only then do you learn from your mistakes, resurrect from the loss, and shine brighter than ever.

When he plunged himself into dropshipping, like others, Vaibhav too saw rough days, but still, his consistency and dedication always motivated him to continue working towards his ultimate success. And in 2018, Vaibhav started helping a few businesses with Social Media Management, SEO, Facebook, and Instagram Ads, Google Ads, PPC Management, and many other marketing tools to get more leads and sales.

His impeccable understanding of digital marketing soon realized that nearly all business owners were facing a significant problem in their trade: getting online sales due to the lack of Internet Marketing Knowledge. To help others establish a robust digital business empire, Vaibhav launched his own marketing company and founded ECOMMAFIA, which offers many Internet Marketing Services and helps other companies grow online. The company, which was started with a noble aim to promote online marketing, is now working with more than 70 clients in India and abroad, driving traffic through Google and Social Media Marketing.

This tech genius has grown his company, ECOMMAFIA, from scratch to a $100,000 annual revenue-making giant. The idea behind his dream project, ECOMMAFIA, was so successful that in its initial three years the agency managed to calibrate projects worth $50-100k. Given its success, Vaibhav, through his company, has assisted more than one hundred businesses in generating massive wealth online. With his firm grip on digital marketing, Vaibhav is also venturing into other online projects and widening his internet-based business empire.

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