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Shri Harish Kumar Yadav – A Visionary with an incredible essence of hard work. 



India  has always craved the emergence of young leaders. The young minds and their spirits are the biggest tools in shaping a society. Shri Harish Kumar Yadav, Chairman, Andhra Pradesh Yadav welfare & Development Corporation has significantly proved to be the absolute epitome of these paradigms, where his self-determination and sheer commitment to helping the needy, became his mantra of success. In this exclusive tête-à-tête, he shares about  mentors, who have influenced him politically and spiritually.

The journey of Political dreams inspired by saintly Gurus and Mentors 

Harish Kumar Yadav embarked on his journey of dedicating his heart and soul to the betterment of  society from the age of 13. Harish Kumar Yadav says, “During my school days, I was vividly inspired by the graduates in my neighbourhood, who were vigorously involved in student wings, thereby trying to solve the issues of others in the Government and Backward hostels. I was addicted to those revolutionary thinking minds. Besides, I grew up watching YSR  family, I would see his family insatiably committing itself to offer solutions to the problems of people from various constituencies. Precisely,  Jagan  sir’s philanthropic gesture sowed the seeds of aspiration. Although born with golden spoon, and a mogul of myriad businesses, he adhered to service of the poor and needy. His actions instilled in me the urge to become a honest leader, there began my journey.” 

A political journey isn’t possible until and unless an individual has a strong family background in this arena, but Harish kumar surprises us with his uncalled-for revelation. “None of my family members were involved in politics. My father and his siblings are Government employees, and I never had a pinch of political influence to kick-start my political journey,” 

Harish had a journey started from National Student Union of India, where his hard work, perseverance, and relentless passion escalated his stature from Taluk-to-District-State, and finally as State Coordinator for National Students Union. He resigned from Congress when his mentor YS Jagan Mohan Reddy resigned from the party, and joined ‘YSR Congress’ in 2011. In 2014, HKY became the State Youth General Secretary followed by State Youth Working President for YSRCP. Later, recognizing his hardwork and active involvement, the honourable Jagan Mohan Reddy made him the Chairman of AP Yadav Welfare Development Corporation at his youngest age 32. 

 Jagan sir is my predominant guru and inspiration. Ravi Shekar sir, who has been the childhood follower of Jagan sir’s ideologies, and now his PA has been my mentor. He has helped me a lot during my tough times to handle  situations. YS Anil Reddy sir, who is not into politics, but top-league businessman  helped me cultivate the essence of leadership in me. Anil Kumar Yadav sir, ex Minister of Irrigation has been a great support like a brother in inspiring me…” 

Apart from his political domain, HKY is more of a spiritual person. Having been inclined to spirituality, he is someone beyond the regular paradigms of religion. He says. “For me, my parents have been my first spiritual gurus. I have always believed that God is everywhere. To be precise, YS Jagan Mohan sir always used to tell me that ‘God is omnipresent, and we have to be honest in our works, thereby helping the poor and needy. This has influenced me a lot. I am not someone, who is confined to one particular religion. I believe my Guru is Lord Raghavendra, whose teachings have influenced me a lot in shaping myself . I have always believed that ‘Help Ever Hurt Never’ is my spiritual essence as imparted by Sri Sathya Sai Baba.” 

The Political Vision of ‘No Welfare Scheme’ 

The motto of Shri YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is “No Welfare Scheme”.  “Just imagine a society that doesn’t need to depend on welfare schemes, but is empowered naturally,” says Harish Kumar Yadav, who adds, “In next 5-10 years, our vision is to nurture “No Welfare Scheme”, where every family will flourish with the power of education. Every caste has its own business, and when the families are nourished with good education, it’ll  help them escalate their values accordingly. By doing so, every family in the state can get out of the troubled waters of poverty. Jagan sir’s Navarathnalu scheme has already added its Golden-touch to many families, where we have fulfilled 90% of our manifesto in less than a year. Through the scheme, a family is aided with Rs. 1Lac, which is not a loan, but a complete measure to encourage and enliven their desire to step out of poverty. I can assure you that with the leadership  of YS Jagan Mohan sir, the poverty will be wiped out thoroughly in AP.”

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