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ATULYA – The promise of nature



Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healing process that dates back nearly 3,000 years, but we still hear about it today because of its numerous benefits. Ayurveda, which has its origins in nature, is the oldest way of treating and curing our bodies with natural components, long before any of the modern world’s options were accessible. Now, with the availability of naturally derived skin care products, it has evolved into a modern-day form of self-care.

Founded in 2019, Atulya represents the journey of discovering Mother Nature’s incredible benefits. With over 2500 stores and franchises in over 80 countries, the company has a global presence. Atulya offers an exclusive range of wellness, hair and skincare products curated with Ayurveda ingredients. Gaurav Singh, the founder of Atulya and Beacon Bio Life Science, the parent company of Atulya, was always fascinated by the fact that ancient and natural science had such great healing powers, and he believed in the ancient techniques and age-old miraculous secrets mentioned in Ayurveda. He founded Atulya with the aim of bringing the goodness of nature to its customers by combining Ayurveda and Modern science through a product range that has the rich, authentic components of Mother Nature at its heart.

Atulya offers a variety of products ranging from skincare to haircare and wellness, all of which are made entirely of organically natural and pure ingredients, are paraben and cruelty-free, and have healing and therapeutic properties. The brand believes that plant-based ingredients can do wonders on your skin if kept in their natural form with the purity and effectiveness of their elements. Due to this quality, the products work amazingly on your skin and don’t cause any type of breakouts or damage.

The brand is not only inspired by nature’s incredible properties, but it also believes in giving back to the environment in every way it can. It is strictly against animal testing and makes a considerate effort to protect and preserve nature. To treat every individual with the goodness of nature and offer a fruitful experience, all of the products are GMC certified, as well as thoroughly tested and verified. Atulya is known around the world for its natural healthcare solutions, product innovation, and exceptional customer service. It has also contributed to the economic growth of our country by generating employment on a large scale. To ensure that each bottle contains nothing but purity, Atulya takes the help of local forest communities and small-scale farmers to carefully choose ingredients that do not compromise the purity or effectiveness of the product. As all the products are completely produced in India, it is also an active participant in the Make-In-India campaign. 

People nowadays recognise the importance of having good skin and make a concerted effort to maintain it, particularly by investing in skincare products with an expectation of a better and healthier skin. And, because Atulya recognises that this is a huge responsibility, it understands each and every need of its customers and tries to create an enriching experience for them by delivering products that are made in nature’s lap. The goal is to be recognised as the most reliable and trustworthy brand. Atulya has been on a mission to exhibit and instil the purity of nature, wellness, and honesty as the foundation of their products since its beginning, and is growing as a community by the day.

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