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Sattyajeet Karale Patil (Advocate for the Accused)

Bombay Metropolitan Magistrate ordered to release the accused on the bond of Rupees 15,000/-

Mumbai:  Bombay Metropolitan Magistrate Court, Bandra has granted bail to the alleged accused in the matter of 64 Lakhs rupees cheque bounce case. The matter was pending in the Bandra Court since 2019. Bhagwan Packaging Pvt. Ltd, a Mumbai based company had sold goods worth Rs. 64,00,000/- to Om Aromatic Solvent, a company based in Kutch, Gujrat. Om Aromatic and its partners had issued a cheque from the account with insufficient balance to Bhagwan Packaging in a de-fraudulent manner. After the cheque bounced, the Mumbai based company informed the accused about the cheque bounce but his partners didn’t entertain them. 

As they had left no choice, this Private Limited Company approached the court and filed a case against the accused partners. The hearing of this matter took place on 10th March at Metropolitan Magistrate Court, Bandra, Mumbai. In this hearing, Adv. Sattyajeet Karale Patil represented one of the accused partner of the company and got bail for him. 

The Court has allowed bail on the deposit of Rs. 15,000/-. Adv. Karale Patil submitted that the alleged accused had no intention to defraud the complainant. He has also informed the complainant about the insufficient funds in the bank account. Adv. Karale Patil produced the relevant evidences before the court. After considering the arguments and submissions made by him, the court granted bail to one of the accused in this case. With him, Adv. Swati Mishra, Vanshika Sharma, Maheenor Khan and Jatin Asrani also assisted in this matter and represented the accused before the court. The next hearing of this Matter has been kept on 10th June, 2022.

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