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Fitness meets style:  ATF gym redefines the meaning of gym and fitness



Founder Bijan Barik brings the two worlds together with much ease

All Time Fitness also known as ATF by its members and followers has become the ultimate symbol of fitness and style. ATF 3.0, the latest gym of the chain was inaugurated with much fanfare and created an unprecedented hype in the city of Bhubaneswar. On one hand fitness icons like Mukesh Gahlot, Yatinder Singh and John Lucas flexed their muscles to impress the crowd while celebrities like Rannvijay Singha and Shraddha Das won the hearts with their style and grace.

ATF has become one of the most sought-after destination for fitness enthusiasts of the Bhubaneswar city. Laced with latest equipment, certified trainers and providing ample floor space, the gyms are frequented by people of all professions. Celebrities from the smart city are also regular members of this gym chain.

The way ATF has expended in a tier-2 city like Bhubaneswar is also very impressive. Each of the gyms of ATF are raw gyms and much better than the previous ones. Since 2021, ATF has opened one world class gym every year in Bhubaneswar city. This growth has made ATF one of the fastest growing and most recognized brands of Odisha.

Bijan Barik, Founder of ATF is himself a fitness freaks and has put all his passion to build this fitness brand. Going forward, he aims this brand to be known all over the country while maintaining the same level of quality and standard. The journey of brand ATF is as energetic and fast paced as the ambience of each of its gym.

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