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PVR Inox Expands Its Footprint with Second Standalone IMAX Theater in Delhi



In a significant development for cinema enthusiasts in India’s capital city, PVR Inox, one of the leading multiplex chains, has unveiled its second standalone IMAX theater in the heart of Delhi at Paras Cinema in Nehru Place. This momentous launch marks the opening of the fifth IMAX screen in Delhi and the second standalone IMAX theater in the country, further enhancing the cinematic experience for moviegoers.

The reopening of Paras Cinema in Nehru Place represents a significant milestone for PVR Inox, as it brings back to life a cherished cinematic landmark after a hiatus of 15 years. The transformation of Paras Cinema into a state-of-the-art IMAX theater is a testament to PVR Inox’s commitment to providing cutting-edge and immersive cinematic experiences to its patrons.

A New Era of Cinematic Immersion

IMAX theaters are renowned for their unparalleled cinematic experience, offering moviegoers larger-than-life visuals, crystal-clear sound, and immersive storytelling. With the launch of the second standalone IMAX theater in India, after the successful Priya IMAX, PVR Inox continues to set new standards in the world of cinema exhibition.

The IMAX format is celebrated for its ability to transport audiences into the heart of the action on the big screen, making it a preferred choice for both filmmakers and discerning viewers. The sheer scale and precision of IMAX technology elevate the viewing experience, enabling audiences to witness films in a way that is both awe-inspiring and unforgettable.

PVR Inox’s Expanding Presence in Delhi

PVR Inox’s commitment to providing world-class cinema experiences is reflected in its impressive presence in New Delhi. With the addition of the second standalone IMAX theater at Paras Cinema, PVR Inox now boasts a total of 27 cinemas across the city, featuring an impressive 108 screens. This expanded presence not only caters to the diverse moviegoing preferences of Delhi’s residents but also underscores PVR Inox’s dedication to enhancing the cinematic landscape of the nation’s capital.

A Modern-Day Cinematic Transformation

The revitalization of Paras Cinema into a modern, immersive cinematic destination is a remarkable achievement. The theater has undergone a comprehensive transformation, incorporating the latest in cinema technology and design to meet the expectations of today’s discerning audience.

Ajay Bijli, Managing Director of PVR Inox, expressed his pride in this achievement, stating, “It is a proud moment for us to finally re-open Paras Cinema right in the heart of south Delhi after a gap of 15 years. This opening also marks the launch of the second standalone IMAX theater in India, after Priya. We are happy that we were able to play our part in remodeling one of the largest single-screen theaters in Delhi into a modern-day truly immersive cinematic experience like IMAX, living up to the expectations of today’s insightful audience.”

Cinema as an Entertainment Hub

Beyond offering a superior cinematic experience, modern multiplexes like PVR Inox have transformed into entertainment hubs that provide a range of amenities and services to enhance the overall moviegoing experience. From comfortable seating and gourmet snacks to advanced audiovisual technologies, cinemas have evolved to cater to the evolving preferences of movie enthusiasts.

A Boost to North India’s Cinema Landscape

PVR Inox’s expansion goes beyond Delhi, extending its presence throughout North India. With 457 screens in 103 properties, the multiplex chain has positioned itself as a major player in the region’s cinema landscape. This extensive network ensures that audiences across North India have access to a diverse range of films and experiences.

In conclusion, the launch of PVR Inox’s second standalone IMAX theater at Paras Cinema in Nehru Place is a significant development in the world of cinema exhibition in India. It not only marks the revival of a beloved cinematic landmark but also reaffirms PVR Inox’s commitment to providing world-class entertainment experiences to audiences. With its expanding presence and cutting-edge technology, PVR Inox continues to shape the future of cinema in India, offering moviegoers an immersive and unforgettable journey into the world of storytelling on the big screen.

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