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In Conversation with the CEO of SstallionEncore Pvt. Ltd., Vritvi N. Sawant



SstallionEncore Pvt. Ltd., a company, founded by Miss Vritvi Nanda Sawant, is standing tall with regards to being a parent to SstallionEncore Digital & House Of Ssilk. SstallionEncore Digital is a Digital marketing agency deals with brands & service industries, providing services like Websites, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Branding, Campaign Design & PR; while, House OF Ssilk being an e-commerce brand that sells Silk Luxury products as well as a few upcycled silk-based products as well. With a few mentions in the media & a trust that the company has built up over the years, we all know that entrepreneurship comes with its own share of ups & downs!! 

So, was entrepreneurship easy? Let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth!!  

Hello Vritvi, how are you?

Ohh, I’m great! Thanks a lot!! How are you doing?? (*smiles happily)

I’m great too, thank you. You have this incredible energising aura and smile. Did you crack a big deal or something? 

Hahaha. It’s 10 am in the morning & I’m up all fresh, looking forward to a productive day at work! And one should always be smiling & welcoming, right? Be it people or money?? (*giggles)

 Before everything, thank you for your time. I’ve heard that SstallionEncore had hit a rough patch in Covid- Would you like to tell us a bit about the history and your journey at SstallionEncore Pvt. Ltd.?

Firstly, thank you for having me! I look forward to this conversation and answering your questions. 

Well, to start with, it was not an easy ride at all! I began with Stallion Encore Digital all by myself with no support & no backing from anybody. As a young woman, wanting to get into entrepreneurship isn’t smooth sailing, especially in our country! 

I started as Stallion Encore Digital(with a single S) in 2018 as a full-stag digital marketing agency. The company, which later turned into a Pvt. Ltd. to be named and registered as SstallionEncore Pvt. Ltd. (with a reduced space between two words & an added prefix alphabet S because I didn’t want to lose out or change the name to register as a parent company in MCA), is now a parent company to SstallionEncore Digital & House OF Ssilk. 

Before the pandemic, our major cliental was into Hospitality & Real-estate. Post-COVID, we did suffer a major setback! It was a hit that affected us badly. But later, slowly & gradually, with a few alterations in our services & approaches to the industries, we (I & my team) are glad to have our foundation strong today. We were able to float back & all set to work with new energy!

If I’m not wrong, you started in your late twenties, and 29 is a young but average age to start-up, isn’t it? Were there struggles when you started, especially as a woman? If yes, please share them with us. 

I would advise the budding entrepreneurs that you really got to be mentally strong if you are an ambitious person, be it a guy or a girl. There will be challenges, there will be emotional setbacks & breakdowns, but not wanting to quit is a feeling that has to triumph over all the negatives & come out triumphant with the feeling that “Hey Haters, Wanna join me at the Shack! The party is on me!”

Woah!! That’s a piece of excellent advice given very generously, I must say! And Congratulations, Miss Vritvi, you have come a long way! Truly commendable! Well, What are the services that the company offers? What do you think of India & its outlook towards start-ups?

Ohh, Thank you!! 

So with SstallionEncore DIGITAL, we offer Website Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing & Strategy, PPC/CPC (Performance Marketing), Public Relations & a few other integrated services like Software & application building, UI/UX Design, Branding etc. 

The markets are changing, with such global & national economic reforms & restructuring, new upcoming cultures in our country as well, it’s good & healthy to be upbeat to cope up with the competition. I genuinely wish to see more start-ups in the coming 5-6 years. India is sure to be a Shark in terms of tech soon! Mark my words!! 

Miss Vritvi, this is the last question. We’re running out of time. So, my question is, what are your plans for the company expansion or something like this?

We wish to focus on better revenues this year & yes, the expansion plan starts from acquiring more international clients keeping pace with Indian markets as well. 

The same goes with adding up some new names in the companies list to the leading parent company. We would like to diversify in terms of technology & varied industries too.

So, hopefully, we should be there soon! Inshallah! 

Visit the website: Http://

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