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Let’s know about a unique organisation: PetScribe.



PetScribe is Guwahati’s First Online Pet Startup which offers Pet Food Delivery around the city of Guwahati. Online Doctor Consultancy, Home Treatment, Vaccination, Grooming for Pets, etc., are some of the services that PetScribe is currently offering. The unique part about our venture is that we offer Pet food items that can be delivered all over Guwahati with no delivery charges. Plus, we are providing items less than the Market Retail Price, keeping in mind the monetary issues faced by the students and the financially weaker sections of the society.

Along with all that, PetScribe can be regarded as the very first digital Pet Startup in Guwahati. We, the owners of PetScribe, are further aiming to provide more and more products and services to our customers in the near future so that their pets, as well as the street animals, can receive the necessary medicinal aid and requirements. 

So, in case some of you would like to know about us. We are just a group of individuals who have been a part of this Animal for more than 3+ years, right away from working with different animal welfare groups to handling everything individually and hence, after properly surveying and working on fields, we have gathered and realised what exactly is the need of the hour and issues that the individuals have been facing day by day. 

Our app has been solely created keeping five major priorities in hand : 

  1. Timely medicinal attention. 
  2. Keeping the welfare of the pets and street animals as the standard motive. 
  3. Making the app accessible to each and every individual out there without the language being a barrier. 
  4. Affordable medicines so that one can easily manage to get medicines without facing any sort of monetary pressure. 
  5. To grow PetScribe exponentially in PAN India within a few years. 

Suppose our digital start-up is able to set the benchmark or fulfil your expectations. In that case, we will definitely expand our venture to other regions so that more and more Animals can receive the necessary aid and attention without any further delay. 

Moreover, please don’t hesitate to give feedback or suggestions. This will allow us to know how we can improve further or commit any sort of mistakes or maybe know what are the most desirable and mandatory products that we are still lagging behind. 

Lastly, we will also be donating some parts of our profits towards the Animal Welfare purpose as they are among our major priorities here. As we have mentioned in the previous paragraph, we will be expanding and opening a franchise once our customer base is on a sufficient level. 

Visit the PetScribe Website here: 

Download the PetScribe App here: 

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