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The three dialect mafias and the startup they are building: Vspeak



Opening a new venture has never been easier. The dynamics doesn’t change so often, and now with the boost-up from the local as well as the national government, business environments are becoming delightful for the budding entrepreneurs, but at what intensity is has reached over the years can be explained and made into view by one recent example of the three teenagers, rather three dialect mafias from Delhi University who are building a company to break all barriers of language and thus give a breakthrough in the already established Content Marketing domain and as an overall touch-up to the content domain. The motive, plan, structures, audience and primary services are yet not into the press media and are kept secretively with the core team only, until their massive execution begins from mid-August. The only fact one of Vspeak’s Co-founder and present CFO, Sanchit Bansal told in his words, “in the coming years, anyone in the country would be able to access any content in any language they want.”

Here’s to the introduction of three dialect mafias, our press team finally got to meet after lots of postponements in their schedules. The first, like its introduced, Sanchit Bansal, Co-Founder and CFO. Particularly he is an undergrad from SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi pursuing FRM (Financial Risk Management) and majors in Economics. Absolutely not typical but yeah, he is a Delhi guy, and tingling around businesses, he has learned clearly of what fails a business and what builds it. As a major decision taker in the tech requirements of Vspeak, he is building a stronger base than ever. His love for superior designs is one of the main reasons, Vspeak became a brand before its initial launch.

            Here’s to another, Mandeep Singh, Co-Founder and CMO. Not to the amazement that his love for law has made him to the position of CLO as well, though not legal, but his plans for sales, marketing, and revenue increment has been tremendously benefitting for both Vspeak and the companies he had once been an intern for. Born and raised up in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, he has been into the profit-making ideas and business clicks from his father. Being an analytical and research gem among data chaps, he is also pursuing FRM and majors in Economics from SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi. Most part of the R&D teams conjugate with him to report the steps of Vspeak, and the next.

            And here’s to the last core member, Ankit Mangal Singh, Co-Founder and COO. Had he not been running start-ups previously, and at the level, any undergrad would call it well-going, he never would have come across the two Economics guys. His past experiences with his own businesses have helped him a lot in shaping the roots and lining-out its objectives for Vspeak. Born and raised up in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand with one of the least businesses & start-up culture in the country, he could not keep himself away from it. He came to Delhi, learning some basics of petroleum business his father is into and after reading some hundreds of finance and business books, he put it all to this. Currently, he is pursuing majors in English from Dyal Singh College, University of Delhi. One of the common parts of upbringing among them is that they all are from established business families who sought after to change the course of start-up with something which was never ever been into existence in the Indian market before. Their level of execution makes the market eager to see what Vspeak and the three dialect mafias have in their bag.

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