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16-year-old Surat boy gets an honorary doctorate in Fine Arts from a Delhi University college



Sixteen-year-old Shamak Agarwal, who has several records in fine arts, has become the youngest boy in Surat to get a doctorate. He received the honorary doctorate from a Delhi University college.

The 16-year-old son of a businessman living in the Vesu area of Surat has earned an honorary doctorate from a Delhi University college with his achievements in Art. Shamak Agarwal has made his family proud and is becoming an inspiration to other children as well.

Shamak has been practicing Art for the last nine years and by now has created a wide variety of paintings.

Placed in India Book of Records

In April 2021, Shamak managed to bag a place in the India Book of Records. Since then, he has been included in the World Book of Records UK, International Book of Records, and Records of India.

Shamak Agarwal has also been awarded the Bal Ratna Award 2021. On the other hand, the Alfus State Government University, Delhi, has awarded Shamak an honorary doctorate in the Faculty of Arts for his various achievements.

What arts records does Shamak hold?

Shamak, 16, holds the record for the fastest drawing, sketches, and nine other records. Now, Shamak Agarwal from Surat has become Gujarat’s youngest doctorate student.

The youngster said he was very interested in Art back in Class 2 but was ignored by the school. However, his parents boosted his morale since childhood, and now, he credits his achievement to his parents, teachers, and the principal of his school.

What the family had to say

Regarding his son’s achievement, Shamak’s father, Vikas Agarwal, said that with hard work and dedication, anything was possible. Though Shamak is a science student, he has made outstanding achievements in arts and has obtained a doctorate, which calls for even more pride from the family.

Mother Pallavi is also thrilled to see her son’s achievement at such a young age.

Being a science student, Shamak also enjoys spending time with an easel, colours, and brushes.

He holds the record for the fastest drawing and sketches besides nine other records. He figured in the India Book of Records in April 2021 and the World Book of Records UK, International Book.

Many national registered NGOs support Shamak, supported by State level ministers, including Harsh Sanghivi, C.R Patil, etc. 

At such an early age, Shamak has also taught more than 1500 unprivileged students free of cost. He is not only indulging in making records but also serving the nation. Shamak is pursuing computer science as a carrier but following arts as meditation or passion. He has been doing the arts for the last ten years. He is also in tie-up with many International companies, Including “Not An Artist X 2,” based in Dubai for selling artworks abroad. He has recently been Honoured by Agrawal Vikas Trust, Surat in front of all the samaj members. He was honoured by Shri Romit Agarwal and CA Rahul Agarwal. May he get more successful in future and will give something to our country.

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