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“A small-town guy Hussain created his empire in Social Media World”



A small-town guy Hussain Khandalawala took such a risk of investing his time on social media wisely with a pure intention to build a platform for Small Businesses to promote themselves. Today, he is a well-known person in his community in the field of Marketing and Advertising on social media.

Let’s try to understand more about his journey…

Interviewer: So, Mr. Hussain, how did you start with this concept “Bohra_shoutouts”? Can you tell us more about it?

Mr. Hussain: For sure. So basically, I am a graduate of Science from Pune University. After my graduation, I joined the traditional Hardware business, which belonged to my Grandfather and Father. After giving my three years to this shop, we had to give it away to its owner as it was a rented one. We moved to our shop but had to change the line from Hardware to General stores. As it was a completely new set-up, I was not much occupied with shop work. I was very fond of being on Social media platforms for a long time. One fine day, I thought of using Instagram for a cause. I created a new page on 11th August 2019 and started approaching New Business pages for a Free Shoutout.

 Hence the name of the page was Free Bohra (Name of the community I belong to) Shoutouts (Promotions). I worked day and night, faced lots of rejections but managed to give shout-outs to about 300 Businesses, which made me reach 1000 quick followers and it boosted my confidence a lot. I never looked back since then and we are providing various options for small business owners to grow their online presence through promotions, giveaways, product reviews, live interviews, making informative reels, and much more.

As I intended to help out those who find it challenging to create an online presence, we soon started with all kinds of graphics services like making posters, social media posts, business cards, Instagram feed layouts, and more.

We also help new business owners to get friendly with Instagram features. I motivated newbies on Instagram to build their brand by creating videos to provide value to our followers.

In the last two years, Bohra_shoutouts have helped thousands of small business owners reach out to people and grow their businesses.

As the Founder of the page, I use unique marketing strategies to uplift small businesses and create a robust online presence.

The page has gained around 25,000 followers to date, and this is all due to our friendly and supportive nature and dedicated services.

Interviewer: That’s great to hear about your journey in detail, Mr. Hussain. Can you tell us some tips which can help new small businesses present their start-ups well on social media and get effective results quickly?

Mr. Hussain: I will. But let me correct you here with one word, i.e., quickly. Whoever wants to make a presence and brand for their start-up on social media, has to make their mind patient. It’s a must. Because Brands are not built overnight. In most cases as everything has its exceptions. I come across so many brand owners who get impatient within a few months and quit the social media game. I have stayed in the game for two years day and night and have started seeing the results recently.

One more thing one must adopt is getting as familiar as they can with the platform they are on by understanding what it wants, what it likes and hates.

Also, one should present the posts graphically well because Instagram is all about graphics, whether photos or video.

Interviewer: Wow, those are some great insights that will help our readers. So what are your plans?

Mr. Hussain: I am grateful to have gained immense traction on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I am on a mission to help more and more businesses in the future.

We recently added many services like Social Media Management, Setting up Google My Business account, Facebook ads, Website development, SEO, etc.

If someone owns an online start-up, they can contact me for more information about our services.

You can get in touch with me on my Instagram page: or connect with me on LinkedIn

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