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A Soar to Success: Serial Entrepreneur Avnish Sharma with his Group of Ventures



“With rich experience of more than 21 years in the field of IT Avnish Sharma is the Founder &CEO of Syscraft Information system and founder of Social Gorilla & United Action”

Digital Marketing in India is growing massively and with the use of Digital marketing strategies every brand is on the move to grow its customer base. Social media platforms have become the fuel that is helping every business and brands to widen their global reach by promoting and advertising their products. Digital Marketing has become a norm for the successful business that can lead to exposure and more sales. It’s such an effective weapon that is of paramount importance for the success of any company to survive and grow that is both cost-effective and measurable.

With a strong business acumen and skills Mr. Avnish Sharma established Syscraft Information System Pvt. Ltd in 2009 to provide world class services related toWebsite design and development, Mobile App development, Design Studio and Internet of things at a modest cost. As per the report in 2020 India has around more than 700 million internet users which are expected to grow more with market expansion. Needless to mention, the online platform has experienced a total change in the past few years with the rise of extraordinary enthusiasm for online shopping. This has prompted Syscraft to help businesses reach at the zenith level with theirwebsite development and App development services together with digital marketing strategiesand take the businesses ahead to accomplish their business goals.

About Avnish Sharma

Avnish’s strong prowess in the technological background well equipped with discerning business skills made him a distinguished entrepreneur with extraordinary and innovative mind. With rich experience of more than 21 years in the field of Information Technology and an active role in technical and management domains as a business owner he has successfully made his mark a successful entrepreneur with his three established companies. With a demonstrated history of mentoring startups and technical product owners past 10 years now he is actively involved with the major decision-making of the company and acts as an advisor and guide to the entire team.With an established IT Firm Syscraft serving technical requirements, Avnish has established United Actions to cater to peripheral requirements of clients in Staff Augmentation, recruitments and HR practices with Mohit Pande and Social Gorilla to cater to Digital Marketing services with Vishakha Fatwani.

United Actions – Insights

United Actions is a recruitment and staffing firm, working as a strategic partner to aid in the hiring of all positions in IT industry as well as job-oriented training needs across the country. The services offered by United Actions include Permanent Staffing, Contractual Staffing, Background verification and Training and development. Their experience and domain expertise helps them to deliver result-oriented solutions for their client’s needs with the least possible turnaround time.

Social Gorilla – Insights

As a leader in IT, Avnish &Vishakha has created Social Gorilla in Digital Marketing Domain, with a belief to break the stereotypical ways of Digital Marketing.Social Gorilla aims to bring out the quintessential in your brand to your audience. Based out of central India, they run with the energy ofPoha-Jalebi in their blood and strive to bring their clients under the limelight they deserve. Social Gorilla provides myriad of services such as Brand Consulting and Strategy, Social media management, Performance Marketing, Creative Services, Content Marketing, Video Production & Photography.

The team at Social Gorilla spares no effort in providing a positive customer experience and make sure they are happy and this led them to stand out from the crowd and sustain in this hyper competitive market. Their superior service with an experience so good helped them to create a good number of client base all across India.

In the words of Avnish Sharma for the aspiring Entrepreneurs

“There is no destination of success, it’s an ongoing process. My observation in my career so far says that everyone’s journey is different at times it goes smooth and at times its topsy turvy, so you have to arrive at each step very cautiously that will require a sheer grit, perseverance and most importantly patience. Be passionate and consistent and pave a path towards your accomplishment with true dedication and determination, giving up is easy but overcoming every important step with immense strength will take you closer to your goal”

Claim to Fame

Ranked in Top 50 fastest growing IT Companies

Ranked in Top 500 Fastest Growing Technology Companies of Asia Pacific for 2 years continuously 

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