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“Be so good that they can’t ignore you” says Self Improvement Coach Saurabh Dewangan



The 25-Year-Old Self Improvement Content Creator Saurabh Dewangan believes that if you focus on daily improvement in yourself with having a vision and if you are consistent towards daily action, you can achieve anything in life.

His Early Life :

And the life journey says it all. He was born in Jagdalpur and was good in his studies, and he scored 83% in the 12th examination. He studied in Hindi medium school, and he was a bit bashful about his English, so he started working on his English In 9th class. Life has always shown the path that Saurabh believed in and took admission to Rungta College, Bhilai, for graduation in Mechanical Engineering. He was a good student in his college, and he consistently scored 75%. But deep down, Saurabh felt that engineering was not his passion and as the years passed, he was not enjoying it anymore, and at the same time, he was finding part-time work. Because he had leisure time after college, he also believed that if you are 18 above, you should start something to earn because, in the US, this is a culture, but in India, it’s not. 

So he decided to do some part-time work, but he couldn’t do a part-time job because it would take 5 to 6 hours every day. So he focused on part-time work where he can put his efforts and earn a good amount of money with professional skills because research has found that 15% of your success depends on your education, but 85% of your success depends on your personality. He also had a lot of idols like Narendra Modi, who has a fantastic personality and leading India and leaving footprints for the future generation.

After a lot of searching, he got an opportunity to earn and grow, so he started working by the time he was making a handsome amount of money, and he bought Bajaj avenger and iPhone 7 by his efforts. And he took around 100+ seminars and mentored hundreds of people.

But he told us that the way he has developed himself is nothing in comparison to money earned; he was leading a big team in the organisation, so he created his leadership management qualities, communication skills, decision-making qualities and many more, and all the skills help him to crack three jobs.

Yes, you heard it right. He cracked three jobs when he was in his 4th year of engineering he and he gave all credit to his part-time work, where he developed himself into a better communicator.

And he told me only work experience helps him get what he got in his life, and he had an answer of “why should We hire you.” And then he told about all the experience of his work and That time he was leading hundreds of people, so he was Confident too and what an HR want well-experienced candidates should join his company. He had that experience; that’s why he cracked three companies, and Saurabh believes that there is no lack of jobs in India. There is a lack of skilled people, and if you become deserving, opportunities will be after you for sure.

Saurabh suggests some good knowledge to the young generation that they should engage in some part-time work while graduating not just for money but for good market experience and to grow skills.

He also suggests this generation is so distracted because of social media; instead of consuming so much content, why not create good content and let people know you. Saurabh also talks about Vision and Goals.

He said we might have a goal, but 99% of us don’t achieve it because many of us don’t make daily goals like “Bund Bund Pani Se Ghada Bharta Hai”, The same small efforts daily you need, and if you achieve your daily goals, you can achieve your monthly and yearly goals too.

Right now, he’s creating content on social media and helping people to improve themselves, and he got 350K+ views in his all post too.

He helps students and people to earn money with time freedom because if you do a job, you’ll have a certain amount of money but not time and because of not having time people can’t spend quality time with family and enjoy with friends they can’t live their life as they want. 

And right now, he is working on the vision of helping people to achieve their Life, Career and Money Goals. If you want some helpful suggestions and if you’re going to work with him, feel free to talk with him. he will be delighted to help you.

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