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Beauty comes in different shapes and sizes, and we should embrace it with grace – Agnes Sonia M Ramani (Bebolicious)



Plus, size women can also rock the ramp and flaunt their beauty with grace. Agnes Sonia M Ramani (Bebolicious) from West Bengal Kolkata, India, tested and proved.

Agnes, famously known as (Bebolicious), had participated in one of the well-known competitions all over India, Maven Ms Plus Size India 2021, organized by Hardeep Arora. 

There she had proudly represented the East Zone of India and PAN INDIA. 

Along with 500 applications from PAN INDIA, she was one of the participants in this competition. She gracefully cleared the initial stages of the audition, which were held online due to lockdown. These rounds included the Introduction round, walk around and talent round.

Out of 500 applicants from PAN INDIA, only 63 were chosen as the finalists who would travel to Delhi for the competition. 

Upon reaching Delhi, they were trained and groomed for several days under the guidance of Hardeep Arora and several other mentors. She was trained on how to walk on a ramp, pose for images, and speak confidently in front of judges and the audience. Some colourful makeup sessions and peaceful mediation sessions were also conducted. 

On the Day of the Grand Finale, she walked gracefully from top 63 to top 30 and then she became one of the top finalists. 

She has been honoured as 

•Maven Ms Plus Size Pan India Miss Classy 

•Maven Ms Plus Size Pan India Top Finalist 

•Maven Ms Plus Size Pan India East Zone representative. 

She returned to West Bengal with her head held high. 

In her own words: Women and Men who are on the plus-size face many criticisms throughout their lives. Some get bullies since childhood, in their schools, by their relatives and in many other places by many different people. 

What people don’t understand is this can also happen due to medical conditions, depression, anxiety. Women, after marriage and pregnancy, tend to gain weight. They hardly get time to take care of themselves because they are busy sacrificing their lives by caring for their loved ones. 

What I wish to convey to our beautiful plus-size family is that. This is not the end. This doesn’t mean we should give up on ourselves. 

Everyone has the right to look and feel beautiful. I feel blessed that I got this opportunity to discover myself. I am a different person now. I am filled with positivity and love for myself. People look at me differently now. They look upon me as an inspiration for their lives.

I will be more than happy to create equal opportunities for plus-size women and men of West Bengal to feel the same zeal that I am feeling now. Be prepared, my plus-size divas. You will be hearing from me soon.



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